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April 24, 2009

Tony Wallin


TONY WALLIN: To several people it appeared as though Nathan Green had a short putt on the 17th hole. And he walked up to it, he made a motion that looked as though he was attempting to strike the ball and missed, okay.
What it was is he was, you know, just basically he had walked up and was kind of looking to see how his line was, and he kind of made a motion, basically, a practice stroke over the top of the ball.
On television, because of the camera angle and the height of the TV camera, you can't tell how far above the ball that his stroke was. On television it appears like it was just barely over the top of the ball.
However, his fellow competitors and he both said, well, heck, the stroke I made was like a foot over the top of the ball. Had no intent, and that is the key, no intent to strike the ball.
Once he said that, end of discussion. It was just a motion he made. There was no intent to strike the ball, so it wasn't a strike.

Q. When you say several people wer viewers calling in?
TONY WALLIN: That, and we had a question from the ShotLink truck. I don't know if it arose from the walking scorer not knowing how to score it, or they may have seen it on TV. So they weren't sure how to score it. But...

Q. Were there viewers that called as well?
TONY WALLIN: There were a couple, yeah.

Q. How far above did he actually swing?
TONY WALLIN: They said at least a foot above.

Q. Kind of a centering it?
TONY WALLIN: Yeah, with the camera angle.

Q. So there was no penalty?
TONY WALLIN: No, no penalty. It was not a stroke. It was basically a practice stroke to see if he had room to get in there and tap the putt in without being in his fellow competitors' line.
When he did that practice stroke you could see he reached in his pocket right away and marked it. So that is an indication that he never had any intent to strike the ball from the git-go.

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