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April 24, 2009

Ernie Els


ERNIE ELS: Golf in Korea is really big. There's a lot of really good players out of this country, and they have got some really good golf courses, and so it's good to be here.

Q. And how important is this tournament, because you have the K.J. Chois of the world showing off golf, but to have this event now.
ERNIE ELS: Yeah, this is a big event. This is a good sponsor, an international event in Korea, so it's a big deal for them. Good television coverage, and some good international players here. They have got a really good measuring stick to see where they are at.

Q. And how have you found the course? Two very different days weather-wise?
ERNIE ELS: It feels like we are back in Scotland today. It's windy, cold.
Good test of golf today. I had a tough time out there today.

Q. How important was yesterday to get some scores on the board?
ERNIE ELS: Yesterday was a good day, we knew that. We knew the weather was coming. I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow; maybe we'll have another good day, who knows. Hopefully I'll be here for the weekend and we can start grinding something out.

Q. Apart from the weather, what is the toughest part of playing around here, the greens?
ERNIE ELS: The greens are difficult to read, you're right. It's up against the mountain, yes, and everything kind of slopes towards the bay down there and then they have got the greens tilted the other way. So, yeah, it's difficult to read the greens, and I've been having problems.

Q. Judgment?
ERNIE ELS: Just horrible on the greens today. I left about four or five shots out there on the greens. It was difficult keeping your balance, basically.

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