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April 24, 2009

Sandy Lyle

Ian Woosnam


PHIL STAMBAUGH: Okay. You had a very nice 10-under par, 62, in the opening round of the 2009 Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf. Last year you guys finished third in this event. So better ball suits you. Maybe a couple general comments from each of you about the day and go through any highlights of your round.
SANDY LYLE: I think the early part of the round I got the putter pretty warm, and I think that started the flow going.
I made a big bum on No. 8, the par-3 -- well, seventh and eighth, I made a couple -- the eighth hole was almost from the front par to the green over the big rise and then down to the back of it, so probably a 25-yarder with about a four-foot follow on it. So it took about 30 seconds to get to the hole, but it went in the hole.
We were in trouble there, but came off -- looked like we might be struggling to make par even because Ian had played his chip shot from just short and came up about 20 feet short. So I took the pressure of maybe trying to get there in two putts. So I made the putt. I think that was a good turning round where it possibly could have been a bogey, but ended up being a birdie. And I made a good size putt on the hole before on the seventh for about a 25-footer for a birdie.
That was the kind of things that we got off to a good start. That's the thing. Ian made the birdie at the first, and then I got a good birdie at the third from about another 15-footer.
I think the early part of the round got us going pretty good, about as good as you want to go really, and I think then Ian took over the middle of the round, I think. I had a little rest for a few days, or few hours or whatever, and Ian took over.
IAN WOOSNAM: Yeah. I think it was important that, you know, it's -- again, I think like last year, we just alternated, and that's what you're going to do in this tournament. And when I was out, Sandy was there and when Sandy was out, I was there, and we were fortunate to get a few putts on the first nine, and that kept us going.
And then after that we just played steady golf, and we got to 10-under, and it's a pretty good score today, but also I think we could shoot a little bit lower as well.
SANDY LYLE: You just know in the back of your mind that you gotta get the putter working, both of you, or at least one has got to get the putter working because the course is up for grabs for low scores today. The bangers will be right behind us, I would think, by the end of the day. They'll be right there.
IAN WOOSNAM: I think, we finished third last year, we're pretty comfortable playing together. We've played together since we've been 12 years of age really, so we know each other's games.
And you know, when you're out there and you know someone so well, we even see the putts exactly the same, so it is good that we get on so well, and I think that does count for some of the scoring we've done over here the last couple years, I think.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: Ian, the four birdies from the back, did you have any highlights, any long putts on the back?
IAN WOOSNAM: No. I two-putted the 11th; a short six-footer to No. 14. And No. 17, I had about a -- 16, I mean sorry, it was only about 18 inches.
SANDY LYLE: And I made about a five-footer at 15.
IAN WOOSNAM: Sandy made a five-footer at 15, yeah. So we had a couple of chances at 10. We missed it there.
SANDY LYLE: Yeah. I missed one about four feet on the 10th for birdie.
IAN WOOSNAM: But you gotta say, as Sandy said, he had some bums as well, so that was nice.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: What did you hit at the 16th?
IAN WOOSNAM: Me, I hit a little 8-iron, 141 yards.

Q. Another nice round, guys. How much momentum did come off of last year's finish where you kind of maybe didn't know what you know now at this point last year in the tournament after one round? Do you feel like you know a lot more about how to win this tournament?
SANDY LYLE: I think we know what it is to win tournaments. I think last year, being our sort of rookie year, you're battling nerves more than anything else. You got high expectations where we just couldn't -- I couldn't quite settle down. It was kind of a nervous experience really.
I think Ian probably felt the same thing. We all thought we'd come out here and do wonderful things. Well, it didn't happen that way because there's a lot of good guys that are playing very well and more comfortable on the golf course. So now we've played the golf course and we can prepare ourselves sort of weeks in advance, know what to expect, and just feeling more comfortable in your surroundings.
And it's still nerve-racking, even today, where you know you're maybe the hot kind of two or three pairs to do well this week. You still gotta do it. And you know in the back of your mind you gotta get the putts in the hole. And we're kind of as a pair streaky putters. When we're hot, we're hot. When we're bad, we're not so good.
But we've done well. The first round is probably the hardest to get momentum going. You don't want to start the week with a 3-under par or 4-under par round. It's all catching up from there onwards.

Q. You mentioned nervous or whatever. After all this time playing golf, is there another comparable experience where you feel those nerves or is it every first round at a new situation?
IAN WOOSNAM: I think every guy suffers the same way. Joey Sindelar, even when he joins us straight off the regular Tour, he says, I can't stop shaking, you know, because you expect things to happen. You expect to shoot eight. It's slightly easier, of course, because the rough's not quite as long and you got the course is probably a little shorter as what you're normally used to when you're playing the regular tour. You really think, playing off the front tee, you should probably go in 4 or 5 under par on a regular basis, but because you're battling with the nervousness and trying to make things happen, you gotta just sit back a little while and let it happen. It just takes time.

Q. What do you think you're going to need to shoot to win this tournament, or at least tomorrow what do you need to shoot?
IAN WOOSNAM: Weather wise, we're looking at much the same tomorrow. I think at least 30-under, I think so.

Q. 30?
IAN WOOSNAM: At least 30, yeah.
SANDY LYLE: Gotta get close to that, I would have thought. Yeah. You gotta look to it, yeah, 28, 29, 30. What was it last year, 28?
IAN WOOSNAM: We were 29-under last year.

Q. 31 last year won it.
SANDY LYLE: Was it 31? Better than I thought. Yeah. The course is really set up well and the weather like this, you gotta look to 10 a round, 10 a day.

Q. Sandy, earlier you were talking about a hole where you could have had a bogey and you said you turned it into a birdie, and I couldn't hear all that. Could you walk us through that again?
SANDY LYLE: No. 8. It was a par-3. The pin was right at the back of the green. It was a very long green, probably 35, 40 yards long, and both of us left it on the lower ledge, which is near the front. So we mis-time the tee shots and didn't carry over the ridge, so we had very long shots, tricky shots where you gotta go over a big crown and get down to the hole. So I made the putt, so it was probably a 25 to 28-footer.
IAN WOOSNAM: It was longer than that. Yarder.
SANDY LYLE: Yarder. Yeah. 28-yarder. It took about 30 seconds to get there.
IAN WOOSNAM: Yeah. I didn't hit a very good chip, and then he hit a pitch mark and I'm going, oh, God. Took the pitch mark and went straight in the hole.
SANDY LYLE: Doing all right, it was doing okay. We had a little bit of luck there, so you know.

Q. So you didn't putt, you just chipped it?
SANDY LYLE: I was on the green. I was putting, yeah.
IAN WOOSNAM: I was chipping.
MIKE SCANLAN: Thanks, guys.

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