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April 19, 2009

Tim Wilkinson


Q. Well, not the day you were looking for, but still you ought to be really proud of your performance?
TIM WILKINSON: Yeah, I think I played really solid today. I didn't really make any putts today and I've done that the rest of the week. A little disappointing, but when Brian got off to that start, it was almost playing for second.
I just -- a couple of poor shots on the back nine. But all in all I think I played pretty well.

Q. Did you find yourself almost trying to keep from being run over?
TIM WILKINSON: Not really. Once he started like that, it was just sort of playing your own game and just get the best score possible. I just had a lot of putts slide by. It happens. But the more you playing in the last group and get comfortable with it, I'm sure next time will be better as well.

Q. What's it like to see somebody just manhandle a course like that?
TIM WILKINSON: It's good. You're watching it, but you're not really focused on it. He played really well. The start he had, birdie, eagle, and he had a couple more birdies, I think. What did he birdie? I can't remember, he had a few birdies out there. He holed some good putts. It was good to watch.

Q. Did you get caught up in his game or were you able to maintain your own concentration?
TIM WILKINSON: No, I was just playing my own game. I had a couple of awkward shots out there on the back nine and probably didn't commit as well as I could. But the biggest thing is when you roll a few putts, you get some confidence going, and I just didn't do that today, unfortunately.

Q. Are you playing the R-9 driver and how do you like it?
TIM WILKINSON: I am playing the R-7 limited. It's good, really good. I changed driver this year and I'm really happy with the way I'm driving the ball. Driving this week I think I only missed about four or five fairways this week, so I drove it well and I'm really happy with it.

Q. Any kind of nerves coming in today?
TIM WILKINSON: I was a bit nervous on the first tee but other than that, no, not really.

Q. I was out on the first tee, I noticed you got there about four minutes ahead of Brian.
TIM WILKINSON: I always do that, doesn't matter what day it is. Thursday to Sunday.

Q. Last question, I guess, what is the one thing you're taking away from this round?
TIM WILKINSON: That I hit a lot of good shots today. I wasn't on the top of my game, but I played pretty well, I think, not great but I got it around. I made a nice putt on the last one, a nice one from about six feet. I could have missed that and finished tied for 8th. I hit some good shots. I had a couple of putts fall, and obviously I probably couldn't have won, but I might have finished a lot better.

Q. You're in the field next week?

Q. You had a good tournament there last year?
TIM WILKINSON: Yes. I think I finished third there. It's a good build-up to there. It's the best I've played all year, so I'm pretty happy.

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