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April 18, 2009

Lee Janzen


Q. Lee, the first two holes really kind of told how the story ended up with your whole day, bogey then an eagle. Every time something bad happened, a couple of good things would happen?
LEE JANZEN: Yeah, there are opportunities to overcome, basically. I hit a good tee shot and played it poorly from there.
The second hole I hit a good tee shot and was in a divot, I considered laying up and I thought I'll take a 3-iron, stay on top of it, try to make good contact. And it was about as pure as I possibly could hit it, considering the lie. But it could have been a perfect lie, and it was good to just hit it that far. That was really positive to hit that good a shot out of that lie. It gets in your mind that, okay, even if things aren't working out the way you want, the next shot could be the shot to turn things around.
And then 7, a terrible tee shot, but I was determined not to let that unravel me or ruin my round. And I was just planning on making bogey and I tried to make some birdies coming in. Making a par was great there. And I kept plugging away trying to make birdies here and there and got a couple of putts to go on 16 and 17.

Q. 17, when you walked off after making birdie on 16, you got to the tee on 17, the thought had to cross your mind, I can do that again?
LEE JANZEN: That's right.

Q. You went to the right-hand side of the tee box again?
LEE JANZEN: Yeah. And you're always considering making a 1. But considering I made a 1 there yesterday, I couldn't help but think how unique that would be if I could make it two days in a row.

Q. A couple on the Nationwide Tour this week.
LEE JANZEN: I heard about that. Ultimately you get your yardage, figure your club and try to execute.

Q. You had the right number, got it close, do you feel good about tomorrow?
LEE JANZEN: I feel good, but I've battled really well. And I'm still trying to get a groove going. I don't think I'm too far away. So hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better about my swing and I can go out with a little bigger bravado and go for it.

Q. Some general comments on today?
LEE JANZEN: I would say that I got it -- it's not how many or -- it's not how, just how many. I guess that's the way to put it. There were quite a few shots that I would be close to being disgusted with the way I hit them. You'd never hit them if you were just out there by yourself having a good time. That's what I've got to get over is maybe why a tournament influences me the way it does, a tournament situation. I'm getting better at it. It's like learning everything over again.
I'm getting closer. I'm happy to be in the position I'm in after three days here. It's one of my favorite tournaments since I've been on Tour for 20 years now. It's extra exciting being in third place at the end of the third round.

Q. How are you going to approach tomorrow?
LEE JANZEN: Well, anything can happen. Brian Gay is a fine player. I played in Mexico when he won. He doesn't get in trouble off the tee and he's a really good putter. I imagine if he continues to play that kind of steady golf, it will take a great round to catch him.
My game plan will be try to make good shots, one after another, and whatever happens. If things work out right and get a good bounce here and there and make good putts and get close, you never know what happens in the end.

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