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April 18, 2009

Davis Love III


Q. Davis, 2-under today, that's the good news. The bad news is if things stay the same you're going to be 6 behind.
DAVIS LOVE III: Brian is playing good. We played together a couple of weeks ago. (Inaudible.)
Q. I've got a theory about you, tell me if I'm right or wrong; five-time winner, if anything since I've known you, you try too hard sometimes to play well. You come here and are laid back.
DAVIS LOVE III: I'm maybe not as relaxed as I was during the '90s when I played here, but I'm certainly more relaxed than I was the last two tournaments I played in, because I was trying so hard to get in The Masters. I was a little more relaxed and it's a little more fun.

Q. Just general comments on today?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, I ended up well, but I didn't get as much out of the round as I should have. I hit the ball probably more solid today than the other day and just didn't get a lot out of it. I needed to make a few more putts and made a couple of silly bogeys on the front.
But Brian is playing real well and he's going to be hard to beat. So I'll go out and try to have a good day tomorrow.

Q. Are you still thinking that you're in a good position tomorrow?
DAVIS LOVE III: Not if he's at 13 or 14-under, no. But I'm playing well, and I'm shooting under par every day. I haven't had my really great day yet. Hopefully I can get out there tomorrow and get more on a roll than I did today.

Q. Your iron shots looked like they were so close to being great.
DAVIS LOVE III: It's hard to free it up into these greens. Even though the wind wasn't blowing as much today, it was still tricky. I didn't do quite as good a job getting the ball close to the hole today. But the ones I did get close to the hole I did make. I hit a few good ones coming in. I'm happy with the way I'm hitting it.

Q. You look at the guys on the top, three don't have a whole lot of experience winning, and right behind are you and Lee Janzen and Tom Lehman, more experienced guys. How much does that play in?
DAVIS LOVE III: I hope it helps us tomorrow. It didn't help us today. It kind of got away from us. But like I said, this is a good golf course for him. He chips and putts very, very well, gets a lot out of his game. Like a Corey Pavin or Jeff Sluman, they start getting more excited when they get to a place like this, a course that really suits their game. They can really shine.
Brian has been improving. He works very, very hard at it, and he won a lot of opposite events, which is still just as hard to win. He's a really good player, been out here a long time. I consider him experienced even though he hasn't won a lot.

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