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April 18, 2009

Tom Lehman


Q. Comment on what was a great day for you.
TOM LEHMAN: Yeah, it was. Got off to a good start. I birdied two of the first three holes. But played pretty solid all the way through. I hit a lot of very good shots. I hit a couple of so-so ones. I made a couple of nice recovery putts. I made a couple of crappy bogeys that didn't feel very good, kind of gave a couple away.
But overall, 3-under is a good day.

Q. And you're 7-under for the tournament, I believe, or 6-under, okay. There's a couple of guys way ahead of you, but not too many guys between you and the top of the leaderboard. What would it take tomorrow to win?
TOM LEHMAN: It's so hard to say. There was one year I felt like if I could go out and shoot 65 or 66 I had a chance to win and I did. And Stewart Cink birdied the last three holes and beat me by a shot or two. You can't ever tell. But I know in my situation it's got to be 64 or something like that.

Q. Inspiration from last week watching Kenny at the Masters?
TOM LEHMAN: Well, it was nice. I certainly felt disappointed for him. It's really a funny thing out here, when you know all these guys. Cabrera is a wonderful person. On the one hand you're happy for him, on the other hand you feel bad for Kenny, knowing that Kenny won't get too many more opportunities at Augusta. I was really hoping he would pull it off.
And guys like Chad Campbell, he's a younger guy and will have more chances. He's probably very disappointed and I felt bad for him, too. Bottom line is you see guys that are working hard and improving and playing well, and it makes me want to do the same thing.

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