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April 18, 2009

Briny Baird


Q. I notice you're putting with the belly putter, how did that transpire? How long have you been working with it? Did it just happen this week?
BRINY BAIRD: Just happened this week. I think part of the reason I'm playing well, I played a long time, you know when your expectations -- when you don't have any expectations, sometimes it's a good thing. I kind of went into this week not expecting a whole lot. So far it's working out pretty good.
To answer your question, I just started with that putter this week.

Q. You've gotten yourself in pretty good positions this year, haven't been able to follow through. Going into tomorrow, what do you have to do?
BRINY BAIRD: I need to play tomorrow like I did today. Easier said than done. If I go out there and play golf, go ahead, one shot at a time, don't think of the outcome, don't think of the result.

Q. Well played today. Good luck tomorrow.

Q. No bogeys on the card, always a good thing. Just comment on the day as a whole, if you can.
BRINY BAIRD: I played really well. I played like I shot 65. I hit it solid, made putts when I needed to. I holed the bunker shots, and just very nice and tidy. Everything was really good.

Q. Did what you're supposed to do on moving day. What is it about Saturday? Just a little more relaxed maybe with having made the cut?
BRINY BAIRD: I don't think so. I think someone's going to play good Thursday, someone's going to play Friday, someone's going to play good every day. And just so happened that my good round was today. Hopefully it won't be the only good round I have this week.

Q. And that hole there, No. 18 has gotten you the last two days. How did your shot stay out there --
BRINY BAIRD: I don't know, I felt like I kind of got robbed on that last hole. But to walk away from where I was on the fairway, hitting a 4-iron in, I'll take that every day.

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