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September 19, 1998

Donna Andrews


DONNA ANDREWS: Got one in the hole. What do you need to know?

Q. Where did you have them?

DONNA ANDREWS: I don't know.

Q. I'll show you a sheet. Where did you start?

DONNA ANDREWS: 1, I made a long putt. I probably had a 40-foot putt, pin high left. Had probably about a 40-footer. I was away and I dropped it before either of them got to putt, so that got us off to a big start. But they came right back and birdied 2 and 3 to go 1-up, so we knew we had our work cut out for us then.

Q. I think you guys missed one on --

DONNA ANDREWS: 6, I knocked it in there -- what did I have in there -- like, 140 yards. I knocked it in there probably six feet below the pin, had a straight uphill putt. My partner had it inside of me. She probably hit it five feet. So we had two great putts and birdies, but she let me, you know, find it first. 7 is a par 5. Where did I hit it? I had a pitching wedge in my hand and hit it short. That's right. I was in between clubs and, actually, decided to hit sand wedge and had to hit it hard and left to myself; probably about a 20-footer, but it was pretty much straight up the hill. Sherri had it inside of me, so I had a good run with that one because I knew my partner was right there, you know, even if I didn't make it. 9, I knocked it in there pin high right, had about probably a 12-foot that really swung, but my partner riked it up there close. So I had a good run at it because I knew she had par and, you know, knocked it dead center. Let's see. 13? Is that the next one? 11, par 5. I hit a choked pitching wedge in there and it was just -- I'm trying to picture where I hit the putt.

Q. You were about eight feet --

DONNA ANDREWS: There you go. Eight feet. I was -- yeah, I hit it -- the pin was tucked back left and I actually hit it left of the pin where I wasn't aiming, pulled it a little bit, but I had a perfectly -- just a little slider straight up the hill and hit a great putt there. 12 was a par 3. Had perfect yardage. Hit 8-iron, left myself a 6-footer. Broke just a little right straight up the hill and knocked that one right in the back of the cup, too.

Q. Do you want to talk about the day as a whole? Worse case scenario, you guys are going to go up, what, 9-1/2-6? That's worse case scenario.

DONNA ANDREWS: I tell you what, I looked up there early this morning when I was playing and all I saw was Europe, Europe, Europe and I think that really fired me up this morning and again this afternoon. You know, we started out hot; you know, birdieing the first hole. And that's what they had done to us this morning and, of course, we come back and beat them, so we tried not to get too excited right off the bat. And they did. They came right back and birdied the next two and we went one down and that was all we saw on the board then, was Europe, Europe, Europe. And we knew we needed to get something going. Even when we got 2-, 3-up, we kept telling ourselves: The match is even, the match is even. Even when we were 5-up. We walked off that tee and we said: Okay, the match is even. And that was, I think, what kept us motivated and kept us going.

Q. Obviously, Sunday looks very, very good?

DONNA ANDREWS: I think so. A lot of our players are hitting it well. A couple of them may be a little tired this afternoon that also played this morning. But come tomorrow afternoon, everybody is going to be rested up and we're going to be ready to go.

Q. On the other side of the coin, Europe -- they have to get tough this afternoon or else tomorrow is going to be very short?

DONNA ANDREWS: Let's hope so. (Laughs).

Q. This morning, you played against pairings you had yesterday. Feeling any grudge going into this morning?

DONNA ANDREWS: There was a little bit for me. You know, we played against the same team yesterday morning and -- you know, Tammie and I never really got it going yesterday. Sherri and I play very similar golf games, so I think it was easy for us to sort of feed off each other this morning and, you know, we got it going early even though they birdied the 1st hole, we came right back and birdied the 2nd. So I think it was easy for us to feed off each other. We made a lot of birdies this morning in alternate shot, which isn't normal. It was nice to have the same pairing this afternoon because we could help each other. For two days, I had only played the odd numbered holes, teed off and so, you know, I used her help on the par 3s because she had played those this morning and she had also played them yesterday in the afternoon, so she knew more how the golf course played in the afternoon. So I relied on her a lot to help me with club selection.

Q. And then, in the afternoon, you guys played the pairings she had yesterday?

DONNA ANDREWS: I think she added a little revenge, too.

Q. Were you happy -- (Inaudible.)

DONNA ANDREWS: We didn't until we finished our first match in the morning and she told us we would be paired again this afternoon. I think it's a great pairing. You know, it's always nice to have somebody that plays a similar game as you. Lots of people will try to pair a long hitter with a shorter hitter, but for us, I think it was better for us to be with somebody that played our own game and, that way, we could help reach other out along the way.

Q. (Inaudible).

DONNA ANDREWS: I really do. You know, I was the only losing match yesterday. You know, so it was like, yesterday morning, you walk off, you feel -- you feel down, dejected and our teammates just picked us up. At dinner last night, we discussed what went on, what they felt like they could give us going into today. They discussed the golf course, how it played in the afternoon. Everybody has really pulled together as a team and I think that's why we're playing as well as we are.

Q. Thank you very much.

End of FastScripts....

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