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April 17, 2009

Alex Cejka


Q. Well, Alex, it wasn't quite the spectacular day that you had yesterday, but even par on this golf course, keeping yourself at 7-under is pretty darn good in itself?
ALEX CEJKA: I'm pretty happy with my performance today. I played pretty solid. I had a couple of really stupid bogeys in the beginning. I was in the fairway and didn't really have a shot. So that's how tricky this golf course is.
I felt good. I had a couple of good birdies, a couple of unnecessary bogeys, but that's how it is. But for today I'm really pleased.

Q. Yesterday I spoke to your caddie and he even said that you guys were talking about on the 17th hole after you made that birdie, "Today was just my lucky day. We are about due." Every now and then you get the bounces going your way. Today was just great scrambling?
ALEX CEJKA: Yeah, it was great scrambling. I hit a lot of good shots, too, but I ended up a couple of times up and down if I needed to, a couple of missed putts, but they weren't really good putts. So I deserve a couple of bogeys.
But I'm in a good position for the weekend and that's where I want to be.

Q. How difficult was this course going into today with the wind and the totally different direction than the first round?
ALEX CEJKA: It was swirling a little bit. So the front nine, in the trees, you look up, the wind was going right to left and the flag was going left to right. It was a little bit challenging.
But I'm glad I'm done and I'm glad I'm 7-under.

Q. You are in a great position to go into the weekend. Have a great weekend.
ALEX CEJKA: Thanks very much.

Q. How do you feel about today's round?
ALEX CEJKA: I feel pretty good. I played pretty solid. The putting wasn't as good today as yesterday, but I was hanging in there. Even par today is pretty good. It was a little bit trickier with the wind. And I think I'm in a good position for the last two days.

Q. What was your mindset? Was it even par?
ALEX CEJKA: Of course you want to always have a couple under par, especially when you're playing well. But on this course anything is possible. You can hit good shots and be penalized and have a bogey or double bogey. It's a tricky course, but I played pretty solid overall. I hit a couple of bad shots and a couple unnecessary bogeys, but that's what happens most of the time on a tricky golf course like this.

Q. How do you use the birdie on your final hole to kind of go into tomorrow?
ALEX CEJKA: That's what I wanted. I said to my caddie, let's finish it off in style. And even par today is a good score. I didn't want to be over par. I played better than over par. So the birdie on the last helped.

Q. What do you think your position is for the weekend? How do you feel being right there?
ALEX CEJKA: I feel good. I think it's easier when you're a couple behind than when you have the lead on the weekend. So we'll see. Two rounds to go is a long way to go, 36 holes, anything can happen. I'm feeling good. If the weather stays nice like this, I think I'm going to play good.

Q. Would you say it's easier to be a couple of shots behind on the weekend than in the lead?
ALEX CEJKA: I think personally my experience when I was in the lead I maybe played too defensive. When I'm one or two behind, you're trying to make birdies and you play a little bit more aggressive golf. That's what I had in the past, and it was pretty good.
36 holes, again, tomorrow is the moving day, so we'll see what happens. I'd like to be in the same position or a better position after several days, so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Q. Along those lines, you say on this course anything is possible with the shifting conditions. How hard is it to be the leader and try to go wire-to-wire for the lead?
ALEX CEJKA: Yeah, having the lead is tough, except for Tiger Woods. He likes it. But for all of us here we like to win. We're playing to be up there on the leaderboard, to play under pressure and that's what we all practice for and we'll see what happens in the next two days.

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