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April 12, 2009

Shingo Katayama


RONALD TOWNSEND: Good afternoon, or good evening. We would like to welcome back Shingo Katayama, he shot a 4-under par 68 today, and we invite your questions. First question, please.

Q. The birdie putt on 18, how did you putt it?
SHINGO KATAYAMA: There was a great line to the hole, and I was just telling myself that this is what I'm practicing for. This is what I've been practicing for; that's how I just talked to myself, that part.

Q. Did you know that if you get a birdie and then you will be 10-under and you would be in fourth place; did you know that?
SHINGO KATAYAMA: No, I didn't know.

Q. But you told us yesterday that you did not really look at the leaderboard yesterday, but did you look at it today, and were you really looking at it today or did you pay any attention to it?
SHINGO KATAYAMA: I think today that I was watching the leaderboard since the 8th hole.

Q. The image you had before you came here, how to play golf, is there any difference between that golf and the golf you played here at Augusta?
SHINGO KATAYAMA: I think I played better than what I expected, and as I practiced good in the practice round, I was able to improve myself.

Q. Is there any difference between finding the leader's position in a Major and playing on the leader's position in a Japanese tournament?
SHINGO KATAYAMA: I get either the same feeling when I'm playing in Japan or playing in a Major; I really felt like I'm playing the same way, just chasing the leaders.

Q. What did you hit into the birdie holes, and how long was each putt?
SHINGO KATAYAMA: 2, 3-wood, about 20 meters.
7, 8-iron, three meters.
13, 4-iron, 2-iron and okay birdie, just close.
16, 7-iron, four meters.
18, 6-iron and six meters.

Q. I know you told us that you won't be able to tell until you get into the back nine, but did you feel any different between playing in Japan and then here?
SHINGO KATAYAMA: Well, there was no surprises, but I think I was able to enjoy playing.

Q. Now you're in fourth place, and you will be coming back to Augusta next year; can you just tell us how you feel.
SHINGO KATAYAMA: I never had this experience; the decision was made at this early time. Usually it comes in in December.
Next year, I would like to think about why I couldn't win this Tournament, and I want to improve myself to win.

Q. I know you're in fourth place, and that's the best of a Japanese player at Augusta; can you just tell us about how you feel.
SHINGO KATAYAMA: Well, I don't know, I just don't have any feeling; I can't say anything.

Q. I know you had your 25th win last year in Japan and that was your goal, and now that you are in fourth place in the Masters coming over here, now is this your goal, your next goal, to win the Masters?
SHINGO KATAYAMA: Well, I just finished today, and I can't really make that as a goal at this point.
RONALD TOWNSEND: Thank you all, and thank you, Shingo. Thank you for a great week of golf.

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