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April 12, 2009

Chad Campbell


BRIAN ROBERTS: Ladies and gentlemen, a very gracious and valiant performance, Chad Campbell.

Q. Can you just go through that last hole, the playoff hole?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I was pretty excited to hit the fairway. I haven't hit the fairway there all week I think. I get up there and had a perfect 7-iron and I just kind of hung it out to the right. I guess I was a little bit worried about turning it over, and just kind of held on to it.
I hit a great bunker shot. I really thought that bunker shot was very makeable and gave it a good roll, and three feet, 3 1/2 feet by. I just pushed the putt. It was a left-edge putt and just kind of left the blade open.

Q. After Kenny tapped in, were you more aggressive after that?
CHAD CAMPBELL: No, when I got up there, I had seen in 2006, Tim Clark had made the same bunker shot and for some reason I was thinking of that. All you have to do is dump it out and chase it down there. It was just a little bit outside-right. That's what I was thinking.
Unfortunately, missed the putt.

Q. You were at 9-under, didn't have a whole lot going, like on 11, but then you really played well down the stretch. Can you talk about some of the highlights?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Birdied 12. I first hit a bad tee shot off 11. Bogeyed 9 and 11 hitting bad tee shots, and was able to birdie 10, 12 and knock it on in two on 13 and left it hanging on the lip for eagle.
15, knocked it up there. Had a great look at eagle, probably no more than 15 feet. Missed that.
And 16, hit it in there five feet, six feet, wasn't able to make that either.
You know, missed a lot of opportunities out there, but take a lot of positives away from it. I played well all week, and you know, definitely feel good about it. Obviously a little upset right now, but you know, in the end, it will be a lot of positives taken from it.

Q. What clubs did you hit into the birdies and how long were the putt?
CHAD CAMPBELL: On the back nine?

Q. Front two.
CHAD CAMPBELL: 3 was a pitching wedge and I chipped in from over the green.
8, I hit 3-wood in the bunker, and then 9-iron out, and then 7-iron to about ten feet and made that.
12 was 8-iron to probably ten, 12 feet.
13, hit 2-iron in to probably 25 feet for eagle. Then just had a tap-in and left it right on the lip.
15, driver, 4-iron to 12 feet.

Q. In your group, were you aware that Tiger and Phil were out there doing something?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, absolutely. You could hear it out there. They had it going. And I don't know exactly what they ended up, but I knew they had it going there for a while, all the way to the end.

Q. And does it say something, for I guess you and Kenny and Angel that, despite everything that they did, that you guys held on and that you were the ones standing after 72?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Absolutely. I guess maybe a good thing we had a big enough lead.
No, I don't know, we played well all week. I know Kenny has played well, and Angel did, too. Played solid today. You know, it not easy out there trying to win. For me and Kenny, first Major, and Angel, it would be his first Masters, so it's tough out there.

Q. Did you have a number in mind today?
CHAD CAMPBELL: No, not at all.

Q. And this is now your second second-place finish. Can you compare how you felt finishing second at the PGA versus today?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It's been a while ago. Neither one of them are very good. (Chuckling).
I'm probably a little more disappointed this time, because I hit a lot of good shots on the last hole, and I guess I'll take the 18th hole there at the PGA. I hit a good shot in there and I just got beat by a better shot. And today, I kind of blew it myself. I hit bad shots.

Q. What is the perception of Angel on the TOUR? He wins the U.S. Open and then goes away and doesn't really do a whole lot, and now he just won the Masters.
He's a great player, one of the best drivers of the ball we have. He's long and hits it very straight. He's one of the longest guys out here, really underrated in that category.
Great player. We are pretty good friends. We speak a lot, and you know, he's obviously a great player, two Majors. That's pretty impressive.

Q. He seems to be a guy that when you go in, a lot of people are not talking about Angel Cabrera going into Majors; why do you think that and is now do you think that will change?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I don't know why that is. He's obviously proven himself, especially now. I don't know how many wins he has on Tour or worldwide, but I bet everybody will be looking at him now.

Q. How accessible, or how attackable was the golf course today? How was it set up to score today?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know what, you could score. Surprisingly they didn't use some of the hard pins. Like No. 1, the front left pin on 1, where every time I've been here on Sunday, it's been there, and that's the hardest pin on the golf course.
17, back right pin there, usually use that on Sunday, which is by far the hardest pin on that green. Didn't use that one.
You know there was some birdies out there. They made it exciting. I have to definitely applaud them for the way they set up the golf course. It was very exciting. I know all of the players enjoyed it, and the weather helped out, as well.

Q. Was it fun playing that way, or is it still because you're in the last round of a Major, was there still a lot of pressure and anxiety?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It was very exciting. There were some low scores, some couple-unders. There's some birdies to be made, but if you get lax and hit a bad tee shot or bad second shot, you can make bogey or double in a hurry around here.
BRIAN ROBERTS: Thank you very much. Very gracious.

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