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April 11, 2009

Shingo Katayama


LARRY PUGH: Shingo, congratulations on a great day. We'll open it up for questions.

Q. It appears you've always been a pretty confident man, but why have you become even more confident lately?
SHINGO KATAYAMA: I believe in what I've practiced to this point and I'm just doing my best.

Q. You mentioned the World Baseball Classic; how much did you follow that, and what was it like having Japan win that, and how do you relate that to your game?
SHINGO KATAYAMA: While they are playing in the semi final and final, I was practicing in Miyasaki, and I had a little monitor watching and following the game.

Q. Did you play baseball as a youngster?
LARRY PUGH: Can you describe any birdies that you had today?
SHINGO KATAYAMA: I think I was trying to do my best from the very beginning, but I was biding my time until the 13th, 14th, 15th, and it is a great feeling to finish it up with 70 today.

Q. How long were the birdie putts?
SHINGO KATAYAMA: 2, four meters.
8, six meters.
13, six meters.
14, was just almost in.
15 is 77 meters.

Q. Between shots, you almost take that backwards swing. Is there something in particular that you are trying to accomplish with that as far as keeping your rhythm or whatever?
SHINGO KATAYAMA: Well, I had been told that I'm using my right hand all the time so I was told that I have to use the left hand, also, to make sure that I strengthen both arms.

Q. How important do you think experience on this course is in terms of your chances tomorrow?
SHINGO KATAYAMA: I think that more than the swing itself, experience speaks a lot. I would like to just give all I have tomorrow.

Q. Five strokes off the pace right now, do you think that can be made up in one day? Do you think you have a realistic shot at winning tomorrow?
SHINGO KATAYAMA: I don't think anybody really knows whether I can do that or not. But I am chasing and I can be as aggressive as I want to, to accomplish that.

Q. When you warmed up on the driving range, you hit up everything with the left hand, you must have hit 40, 50 shots left-handed; why?
SHINGO KATAYAMA: The reason is when I practice, I needed the strength in my left arm, as well as the right arm. That's one of the reasons I do.

Q. You could beat most of us left-handed.

Q. What were you doing last night when the rain hit and the hail and everything, and what were your thoughts about what that might mean today? Did you anticipate that the greens would be softer?
SHINGO KATAYAMA: I thought it would be a little bit softer, but I don't think the speed itself, it was not going to change too much.
LARRY PUGH: Thank you for coming down, and good luck tomorrow.

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