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April 11, 2009

Angel Cabrera


CLAUDE NIELSEN: Ladies and gentlemen, it's a pleasure to welcome back Angel Cabrera, who, as you know, shot 68 in the first round and the second round, and today, shot 3-under 69, and he is therefore, 11 under after the third round of the Masters.
If you would give us some comments about your round today, and then we'll open up for questions.
ANGEL CABRERA: It was a great round today, despite that I made three putts on the first hole, I was able to be patient and keep the concentration going and finish up a good round.

Q. Will people back home be more excited for a Masters championship or a U.S. Open Championship?
ANGEL CABRERA: For me, the Majors are all the same. They are all big tournaments.

Q. How big was the scar of Roberto DiVincenzo's loss?
ANGEL CABRERA: Well, I was not there and I was able not able to live that bad moment that Roberto had at that time, but now I am playing for myself and trying to make the most of it.

Q. Does it feel different having the lead, rather than coming from behind?
ANGEL CABRERA: Well, the difference between now and the U.S. Open was this third round was much better than the one I played in the U.S. Open.
Now I have this position, and I have to try to make the most of it.

Q. What did you learn from winning a Major Championship at the U.S. Open that you can apply to perhaps winning a Major Championship tomorrow?
ANGEL CABRERA: What I learned is that I can win; I can win big tournaments.

Q. You've played here a number of times and done pretty well. How important do you think past experience here is, in order to play well?
ANGEL CABRERA: It's very important to have the experience of having played many, many times before. Certainly, it's a very big role, experience, on this course.

Q. At Oakmont, someone asked you if you used a sports psychologist and you said some people use a sports psychologist, and I smoke. Did you quit smoking since then, was that very difficult, and if so, how have you relieved the stress without smoking?
ANGEL CABRERA: Well, now I don't have a sports psychologist and I don't smoke. (Laughter) But I try to just enjoy my golf during the round and that's it.

Q. Have you played much with Kenny Perry, and what do you think of him, his play, at age 48?
ANGEL CABRERA: Well, I've played with Kenny several times already, and he's a great competitor. I'm sure he's feeling very well about what he's doing at this point.

Q. Particularly special moments in the round today, something special?
ANGEL CABRERA: I think it was very important, the par I made on No. 9, because I had a very bad drive and a bad second shot, and I was able to make par there, a very important moment.

Q. What have you been doing to relax at night, and where have you been going to eat at night?
ANGEL CABRERA: No, I have rented a house. Just cook and have dinner and I usually don't have any trouble sleeping.

Q. How favorable were the conditions for scoring today for you?
ANGEL CABRERA: What is most difficult, it's the third round in a Major. To score well in the third round of a Major is a big thing. And also, the wind started blowing at some point, and that also made it difficult.

Q. Does it surprise you that there is no Top-10 in the World Ranking on the leaderboard?
ANGEL CABRERA: These tournaments are very special and are for the best, so whoever is there on top on the leaderboard, I'm sure he deserves to be there and he's a very good competitor.

Q. Birdies and bogeys?
ANGEL CABRERA: First, driver, 8-iron, 3-putt from 40 feet.
3, 4-iron, pitching wedge, and one putt from nine feet.
8, driver, 3-wood, chip and one putt from five feet.
10, 3-wood, pitching wedge and one putt from 15 feet.
Bogey on the 14th. Driver, 8-iron, just missed the green, chipped and missed the putt.
15, driver, 3-iron, I chipped to three feet.
17, 3-wood, pitching wedge and one putt from 12 feet.
CLAUDE NIELSEN: Angel, thank you very much. Congratulations on a great round.

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