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April 11, 2009

Chad Campbell


ROB JOHNSTON: Good afternoon. I guess I should say, good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We have Chad Campbell with us after rounds of 65, 70 and 72, and we will now open it up for questions, please.

Q. How were your nerves today and what would you expect them to be like overnight and into tomorrow?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I felt great all day. You know, a little bit -- you know, the hardest part is before you get out to the golf course. The whole time, worrying at the house and thinking about other things, but once you get out here and get in your routine, everything is great, especially once you get on the golf course.

Q. Obviously you want to win tomorrow, but having got Kenny, Ryder Cup was so special for him and how he's re dedicated his game and what everyone thinks of him, what do you think it would mean, not only to him, but everyone else if he won?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Oh, I think it would be great. I mean, Kenny, like I said, we are good friends. You know, I'd like to win, but if I don't win, I'd love to see him win. So it's hard to say.
But we are great friends and we pull for each other. He wouldn't wish anything bad upon me and I wouldn't do it on him, either. He's a great guy, and a great player, and he's definitely proven that the last couple of years.

Q. Did you learn anything from him the way he made that Ryder Cup Team last year when he came out and said that was what he wanted to do and forewent certain Majors?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, that's pretty impressive to dedicate himself like that and pass on the Major opportunities. I think he won three times in a span of eight weeks or something like that, so it's pretty impressive.

Q. Talk about 16. I know you'll probably be thinking about that tonight.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, it was really a great shot. It was the wrong club. (Laughter).
It's just a mistake you can't really make. That's the only place on that hole you can't hit it. You can make par anywhere else, but that pin, you don't even know the water is there. I don't really know what happened. The thing just took off. Like the wind just laid down -- the wind just ate Kenny's up. Obviously didn't hit mine at all.
You get it back there, and I was hitting that shot, I was actually trying to -- I mean, there was probably about ten percent chance of me landing it in that first cut. If you don't land it in that first cut and you land it on the green, it could go in the water.
So I didn't -- it's hard to explain this. I was trying to land it in that little area, but my miss was to keep it in the bunker, so that's kind of why I didn't hit it very hard. You know, you get it on the upslope, you can keep it on that shelf.

Q. What are the differences in feelings between this and 2006 going into the final round? Obviously there was a different situation.
CHAD CAMPBELL: It was a lot different with the rain delays and stuff like that. So I think I -- I definitely think I'm more knowledgeable about the golf course now, and feel better about my game. Hopefully I can just come out there and play, you know, hit solid shots. I felt like I played real well today. I had a couple of bad holes on the front, but hit a lot of good shots, but missed a lot of opportunities for birdie. Hopefully be able to convert those tomorrow.

Q. What did you hit on 16 and what should you have hit on 16?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I hit 6-iron. Obviously I guess I should have hit a 7-iron. We had 173 into the wind. You would think it would be perfect. I thought I had to hit it good to get it up top on the shelf, but you know, that's the way it goes. It's hard when the guy in front of you hits a shot and it goes up and balloons and wind hits it and for me to stand up there, Kenny is at least a half a club to a club longer than I am. So me hitting 7, I wouldn't think I would even get my ball to where he got his to.
It's hard to say. Obviously we hit the wrong club, but it was hard to pick a 7-iron at that time.

Q. Tomorrow you won't be in the final group; will that be less pressure on you?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I don't know really. I would rather be in the final group, obviously because of the -- just because you'd be a couple shots better and wouldn't have to make up as many shots.
You know, looking forward to tomorrow. Still got a great opportunity to win this golf tournament, and you know, hopefully I can come out and do it.

Q. You were on top the first to days and now you're still right there. That group has been very solid. Do you expect there will be challenges or do you think it will come from the top?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know what, I really haven't even looked at the scores that much to see what everybody is at.
You know, a little bit depends on how they set the golf course up. If it's like today, which was a fantastic setup, I think the leader -- the winner would definitely probably come from the top, I would say, from 6-under or so. I can't even see that far to see all the scores.

Q. Do you expect guys to be coming to get you guys?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I think so. I think so. I definitely think guys that are, you know, 3-, 4-, 5-under, if they shoot a great round, you never know what can happen. It's hard to say. I don't even know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow. There's a lot of variables in there.

Q. Did the long delay at 18 tee bother you at all?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You would like to not have had the delay, but not going to blame that on anything. It was just a little bit of a bad tee shot. It wasn't -- I've hit it left the last two days, so I didn't want to keep it out of that bunker, but obviously the wind was into us, so bunker wasn't even in play. Just hit a bad tee shot.
ROB JOHNSTON: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you, and Chad thank you so much. Good luck tomorrow.

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