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April 10, 2009

Angel Cabrera


LARRY PUGH: Okay, we'll get started. Congratulations on a very good day, an excellent day, and I'll open it up for questions from anybody.

Q. How did you play compared to yesterday?
ANGEL CABRERA: I think I played the same as yesterday, very well. I hit very well off the tee, and I made the putts for a very good round, the same as yesterday.

Q. You mentioned yesterday that you thought you were working very hard now to get back to the way you played two years ago. What, as you look back, was missing over these last two years?
ANGEL CABRERA: The thing that was missing was that I lost my confidence. So I've been working very hard to bring it back.

Q. Any reason, the confidence left?
ANGEL CABRERA: Just left. Just started hitting badly and left.

Q. You had one bogey today. Explain that one.
ANGEL CABRERA: I think it was a good bogey because I hit bad off the tee, and then I couldn't reach the fairway with my second shot. And then a bad club selection on the third shot, so a good bogey.

Q. When you get into a round like this, you're playing in a Major championship. Do you draw on some of the confidence you have from winning the U.S. Open?
ANGEL CABRERA: Having won a Major gives you confidence, for sure. The most difficult one to win is the first one, so I think that the second one, well, looking forward to the second Major win.

Q. Can you go through your birdies, what you hit in and how long the putts were?
ANGEL CABRERA: 4, 9-iron and a putt from seven feet.
8, driver, 4-iron and two putts from 40 feet.
Birdie on 13. 3-wood, 6-iron and chipped and a tap-in birdie.
18, it was a 3-wood, 7-iron and a 14 -foot putt.
On 14, it was a driver, wedge and a six feet put.

Q. It seems like you are carrying yourself with the same type of gate or confidence that you had at Oakmont. Are you feeling similar in any way to the performance of that week with your game?
ANGEL CABRERA: What I felt in Oakmont was very special. And here I'm feeling very well, but still, a lot of tournament to go. We are halfway.

Q. Of all of the Majors, did this feel like the one where you had the best chance based on your ability to drive the golf ball?
ANGEL CABRERA: I think that in this tournament, I'm going to have a lot of chances if I'm able to make all of those putts within ten feet.

Q. And the long putter, could you explain how long you've been with that and what was the reason for that, please?
ANGEL CABRERA: Well, I've been with this new putter for four months already, and this putter is the one that I have for the 2005 BMW PGA Championship that I won.

Q. If last year you came in as the U.S. Open Champion, and does it feel the same coming here as the U.S. Open Champion, or not, like now?
ANGEL CABRERA: No, it feels the same.

Q. With all of the pressure that goes with these championships, do you allow yourself a chance to just enjoy it? Do you enjoy any part of this?
ANGEL CABRERA: Yes, I make this for a living, but I enjoy it very much.
ED HERLIHY: Angel, thank you very much.

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