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August 10, 2001

Donna Andrews


DONNA ANDREWS: I started on the first hole, hit a 9-iron to 24 feet from 112 and made birdie. On two, from 175, I hit a 5-iron to 12 feet and made birdie. No. 4, I missed the green right of the bunker and knocked it out to about 14 feet and made bogey. No. 6, I hit it just right at the green in two, chipped up with an 8-iron to one foot and had a tap in for birdie there. No. 7, I missed the green right, chipped it up to 3 feet and saved par. No. 8, I hit an L-wedge from 80 yards to 20 feet and made birdie. No. 9, I hit an 8-iron from 132 to four feet and made birdie. No. 12, I missed the green short on the fringe, chipped it up to 6 feet and saved par. No. 14, I missed the green over in the rough, chipped it past 6 feet, made that to save par. 16, I hit it just short of the green on two, chipped it up to 6 feet, made that for birdie. And 18, I hit a 4-iron from 170 to about 45 feet and made that for birdie.

Q. (Inaudible.) You hit so close all day and then you hit a 45-footer at the end of the round. That carries you through the weekend, doesn't it?

DONNA ANDREWS: Well, we'll see. I didn't hit it that good the last few holes. I drove it poorly on 17 and 18, and was just fortunate to make the putt on 18. If it hadn't hit the hole, I would have had 6 feet coming back. I hit it good on the front side, had a couple of missed clubs I think on the back side, but just stayed out of trouble all day. I hit it in the fairways. When I was in between clubs, I just played to the middle of the green, so I just played good solid golf.

Q. When you're playing (inaudible.) Is there more a sense of urgency?

DONNA ANDREWS: Well, it certainly depends on the golf course, but I think this golf course plays easier in the morning rounds. The greens were nice and soft this morning, so you were rewarded for hitting good shots. And even the misses sometimes don't end up as bad when the greens are soft, because they may hit soft before they roll into a bunker. The conditions were certainly better for scoring this morning I think than they will be for this afternoon. The greens rolled very nicely this morning. I noticed a couple of them were getting a little beat up around the pins, just due to the fact that they are soft. They get more spike marks around them. So I think it will be harder for the afternoon group to score as well as the morning group.

Q. How does the set up and the conditions compare to the last two years? Karrie was in here the other day saying if you keep playing this tournament at this date, rather than late September, you will have to lengthen it a little bit to make it a little bit tougher.

DONNA ANDREWS: I think the course, a lot of it I think depends on the wind. The fairways, even though the greens are soft, the fairways are hard underneath. And I know they've had drought and rain and drought and rain. So it's hard to keep the golf course in the same condition. I think they could certainly toughen it up. I think they could narrow some of the fairways down. You've got a lot of very wide landing areas out there. You hear these long hitters complain about it being too long, but you don't hear them complain about them being too wide. I would disagree that it necessarily has to be lengthened. I think there are other ways you can toughen up the course. Obviously in the hot weather they have to water the greens or you will lose them, and I think we as golfers and fans have to understand that they can't jeopardize losing their golf course for the rest of the year just for us to play this week.

Q. You got to play early and you won't have -- some of the people who play in the afternoon today, if they shoot a good score, they won't get to play early tomorrow. Can you reflect on the advantage that you have (inaudible)?

DONNA ANDREWS: I think it's definitely an advantage on a three-day tournament to have a morning round. It doesn't matter where it is. I think if you go back and look at the winners of the majority of our 3-day tournaments, it's a pretty high stat, the number of winners that play in the morning on Friday.

Q. (Inaudible.)

DONNA ANDREWS: I would bet it's very hot. I would guess 75 to 80 percent.

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