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April 4, 2009

Colt Knost


COLT KNOST: I got off to a good start. Really hit some good iron shots starting out and making a few putts and then an errant tee shot on 5, I guess. Made a pretty good bogey and awful bogey at the end of the day. I'm happy there.

Q. Where do you stand right now?
COLT KNOST: 10-under.

Q. So you're still right there.
COLT KNOST: I'm fine. We've got a long ways to go. Twenty-seven holes to go. Just at this point to throw away a shot on 8 like that was not good.

Q. Is it any harder or easier to handle it mentally with a jumbled leaderboard? Does that make it easier to play the golf?
COLT KNOST: You can't look at the leaderboard yet. There's so much golf left, and I mean you can only worry about yourself out there and see what happens come the back-9 tomorrow.

Q. What about everybody else?.
COLT KNOST: Depends where they're at. I know Bo is at 11. Someone posts a good one, we get to rest one more tomorrow. That would be an advantage. You know, there's a lot of holes left, lot of birdies out there.

Q. How prepared do you feel to handle what's in front of you?
COLT KNOST: I'm fine. I've been in this position, not at this level, but plenty before, and I've played plenty of 36 holes in my career. I'm excited. I'm not too worried about it. First year out here to have a chance to win is great.

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