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April 4, 2009

Jason Bohn


Q. What got you going today?
JASON BOHN: I got off to a great start. Hit a lot of close shots and made a few putts early. I really only made one mistake today. So I hit it over the bank of the green on 7 and kind of had to pitch out. Couldn't even really hit a shot at the green. I had a bad lie. You know, coming in on the back-9, though I left a couple shots out there on the par-5s, didn't hit some good -- hit some good wedge shots. I'm a little tired, to be honest.

Q. Do you get tired mentally or physically?
JASON BOHN: Both. The mental part is the hardest. You've trying to feed yourself. I can't tell you how many peanut-better-and-jelly sandwiches I ate today, Power Bars and just all kinds of stuff. You're just trying to keep your focus up.

Q. You got to be pretty happy with your position.
JASON BOHN: Yeah, absolutely. I played really nice and hit a lot of good shots. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. What did you do well today?
JASON BOHN: Combination of a lot of things. I drove the ball well. I hit a lot -- my iron shots were pretty close to the hole. I had a couple that were 4, 5 feet for kick-in birdies, and I kept playing. Sometimes it's 3-wood, not driver, and play it for some position, especially with these greens.

Q. Do you think there's any particular reason why everybody is bunched up? Is that a function of the play being so, you know, sporadic?
JASON BOHN: Yeah. Yeah. I don't know, I don't know why it's so close. The conditions we've had with the exception of the poor guys that played early on Thursday, the conditions have been perfect. We can't ask for -- very little breeze and the greens, they've kept them fairly soft because they were afraid the breeze would dry them out again.
The scoring -- the golf course is in perfect shape. So I think, you know, no rough helps. I think that's a big factor in why the scores are bunched up, actually.

Q. How many times a day are you telling yourself "Don't think about Augusta, Don't think about Augusta"?
JASON BOHN: I just need a good finish. I haven't had a great year so far, so I'm looking at trying to make some birdies and make a little charge on Sunday.

Q. Has there been a part of game that's been clicking for you?
JASON BOHN: My iron play has been really nice. I've been able to control my distance pretty well. I think that's what's really helped this week.

Q. Any adjustments that you've made to do that or kind of fallen in place for you?
JASON BOHN: Went back to my old irons that I played since '03. So --

Q. What are you using?
JASON BOHN: Titleist 670. It's a blade.

Q. Very familiar with it. Best of luck tomorrow.
JASON BOHN: Thanks, appreciate it.

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