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April 4, 2009

Kristy McPherson


MIKE SCANLAN: Kristy, thanks for coming in. Congratulations on a nice round out there. The scores were not too low today even though the conditions were a lot better. What did you fine the conditions to be like for yourself and how does it feel to be going into the lead in the final round.
KRISTY McPHERSON: I was kind of surprised the scores were not as low but we had some tough pin placements out there, especially on the par 3s, had some tougher pin placements that unfortunately I gave into.
But yeah, I was kind of surprised that scores were not that low, and I figured if I can just hang around there and did not expect myself to be in the lead after 2-under today, but I'll take it.

Q. You said yesterday you did not expect to be in the lead and you say today you don't expect to be in the lead; do you expect to be in the lead tomorrow?
KRISTY McPHERSON: I sure hope so. I sure hope so.

Q. What does it feel like going into the last round of a major with the lead?
KRISTY McPHERSON: I haven't really thought about it much yet. I'm sure I'll probably think about it a little bit tonight and going into tomorrow. But it's a tough leaderboard up there. I know that I have to play really solid golf. You've got a lot of girls that can do a lot of good things out there. So just want to go out and try to play golf tomorrow and try to keep it simple.

Q. There have been stories written recently about the demise of American golf. What does it feel like to look on the leaderboard and see so many Americans?
KRISTY McPHERSON: That makes me smile. Really, Americans, there is such strong competition out here from so many different countries. It's tough golf out here. I'm happy that a lot of the Americans are having a solid week, and it just makes us want to play better golf out here.

Q. Good or bad that one of your best friends is in the final group tomorrow?
KRISTY McPHERSON: Are we playing threesomes? That's great. Are we playing threesomes? Do you know that or are you just kidding?
That's great. I would love -- I guess that would be me and Kerr and old Bam-Bam. So that's good. I would love it. I'm going to be out-driven all day but that's all right.

Q. Do you have any idea how you will spend tonight?
KRISTY McPHERSON: Not doing a whole lot. Staying with good friends of mine over in La Quinta and just going to go and hang out and have some dinner and chill and try not to think about it too much.

Q. Why do you call her Bam-Bam?
KRISTY McPHERSON: Because she hits the ball a mile. Have you seen her play golf? She's going to be flying it by my all day tomorrow, but I'm okay with that.

Q. You played here at Q-School, and did you caddie for someone?
KRISTY McPHERSON: I did. I played here at Q-School, I think first day of Q-School in 2004 I think, and then came back and caddied in 2005.
It's a little different golf course. That was in October, so a little different golf course, not much rough, but still good to have been on the golf course before.

Q. What were your expectations on Monday?
KRISTY McPHERSON: I played on Monday. I played with Steve on Monday. Lots of money to Angela, as usual over nine holes. But I've been hitting the ball really well coming into this week, and last week in Phoenix. I know especially being a major, if you can hit a lot of fairways and a lot of greens; I was more excited knowing what I'm doing with the golf ball right now than anything else really.

Q. With this being a Solheim Cup year, do you think there's a correlation between that and the strong showing of Americans here; is there more motivation? Does that factor in in any way?
KRISTY McPHERSON: I think so. I know for myself it does. I know that that's my No. 1 goal for this year, as it is for a lot of the Americans.
But I mean, it just makes you want to play harder and then give you more to play for. But I think it's just -- everybody is trying to work their hardest and try to get on that team.

Q. I believe this is only your fifth major, but you looked as though you were pretty happy out there, chatting a lot to Christina; how were the nerves given you were playing the third round and are right up there?
KRISTY McPHERSON: Today was fine. I actually had no nerves at all, which is pretty surprising to me, but it's kind of hard. You can't get me or Christina to shut up most of the time. We just sit there and chat, and I talk to my caddie, he just kind of listens.
We just go out and we just had a good time and I was surprisingly very calm out there. Like I said, knowing that I'm hitting the ball well, that makes golf a lot easier.
MIKE SCANLAN: All right, Kristy, thanks a lot. Good luck tomorrow.

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