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April 4, 2009

James Nitties


Q. I know this isn't the way you wanted to finish on 18. You have to be pleased overall with your round so far.
JAMES NITTIES: Yeah, today was disappointing. I left a lot of shots out there. One day I'm going to get the most out of my game and it will be great. Hopefully, that day will be soon. I'm playing great golf. I just have to build on it. Hopefully get as good as I can.

Q. Were you just worn out -- the golf course, do you feel like that, are you feeling -- how are you feeling right now?
JAMES NITTIES: I'm fine. You asked me the same question when I finish -- we play again, it might be a little different. I feel great. I went through my fitness and try to do the right stuff. It can wear you out a little bit. Yesterday was a perfect day. Yeah, I was glad to finish it off. Not the greatest shot. That happens.

Q. Couple people are making comments about the sponsors on your hat. You went out to get a hat. Were you particular on picking out your playing hat or just like to --
JAMES NITTIES: Yeah. I picked a store that had blank caps and they make quality hats. One day I'm going to win with a blank hat, so I will probably get some of that credit. No, hats are good stuff.

Q. If you're looking for any hometown momentum here, we were going to offer up that we have a Local 2 hat from our television station if you wanted to wear that going into the final round, maybe some good juju from Local 2 to rub off on you.
JAMES NITTIES: I can't do it because these are my lucky hats, you know? I can't -- might change the wind resistance in my wind. Good try. Hopefully get some of the other players wearing it, be more stylish than me.

Q. You're two out of the lead?
JAMES NITTIES: I still have a good chance. I'm not playing my best and I'm around the lead. I'm hoping that comes on the weekend. I'm sure it will be good if I can do good.

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