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April 4, 2009

John Senden


Q. Little hiccup on the 18th hole, but you played 36 holes. You have one bogey and 8-under par. That's golfing your ball.
JOHN SENDEN: Yeah, it felt good. My short game was improved this week. I putted well and, you know, I had an awkward lie on the trap in 18 on the fairway tramp. It was very difficult to sort of aim at the green, and, you know, my best was to try to get in the front edge or the right trap. I did that and had a difficult shot. You know what? It's a good day. That's a pick-up, and looking for the rest of the round is pretty good and in good position. Looking forward to the weekend.

Q. Absolutely. As I said, you are in control of your golf ball. I always think of you as a man of patience on the golf course. That is certainly required this week with odd starting times each day.
JOHN SENDEN: Yeah, it was, with a lot of stop-and-start golf this week. We had a really windy day the first day, which we got away with, with the draw and yesterday was perfect conditions. We had it right there and playing solid, and today is not a perfect day. It's looking like we may hang on to the lead. But we'll see what happens this afternoon.

Q. Greens seem receptive to me and certainly they are rolling true. There are a lot of birdies to be had?
JOHN SENDEN: When we practiced early in the week the, greens are firm and really fast. I mean, like lightning, and with a little bit of rain and then the wind comes. That sort of scared the superintendent, I think, and he sprayed more water on it so -- but, no, the greens have slowed down a lot and -- not a lot, but they've definitely become better to putt on and more receptive. Hence, the better scoring.

Q. I know you're up early this morning, now you're going to have await of several hours before you play again late in the afternoon. How do you control your emotions? How do you keep ready to go?
JOHN SENDEN: Well, just saving energy. I think the time is going to be between 4:30 and 5:00. Probably be playing nine holes tonight and then a long day on Sunday. Just, you know, probably go back to the room, settle down and relax.

Q. Thank much.

Q. You had a good finish last week and then you played well this week. Have you found something to change something?
JOHN SENDEN: No. It's better on and around the greens. Improved. I've gone through my routine and stroke. When you have one good round, you sort of -- something clicks, and golf is a funny game. One day you think you're a world beater. The next day it grabs you. You got to be patient and take what you get and keep on believing that you can do it.

Q. But you kind feel like this is a carryover from last week?
JOHN SENDEN: Definitely. I'm playing nice. I've been playing well all year. It's a matter of when your good days and bad days on and around the green, that's when you see yourself at the top and the bottom of the leaderboard.

Q. You're one of the few guys not in The Masters. Has that been something on your mind, leading into this event?
JOHN SENDEN: Definitely, yeah. Mine that's the goal. I think one. There's one position, might as well give it. Augusta was a streak for me last year for the first time, so it would be great to get back there again. Whichever way it takes.

Q. How do you keep from becoming like a distraction?
JOHN SENDEN: I can't. I just got to do what I do best, and if my best is good enough to win this week, happy day. I think that I got to just go over what I have to do and stay controlled and the feelings and just do it. Next week worry about it when it comes.

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