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April 4, 2009

Colt Knost


Q. Made 11 birdies this week. The course sets up pretty good for you.
COLT KNOST: I didn't think so the start of the week, considering the length. I'm hitting a lot of greens and rolling it pretty well.

Q. What's worked the best for you? Is it your driving?
COLT KNOST: I didn't drive it that great, really. Just the rough didn't seem like it's too much out here. I'm making the putts I'm supposed to, which is the first time all year.

Q. Talk about the conditions of the golf course today. It looks like the wind may pick up in the afternoon.
COLT KNOST: We got really lucky. Both rounds were pretty much perfect weather, and the wind is supposed to blow again this afternoon. Just thankful I took advantage of the conditions.

Q. You talked about you didn't think this course set-up for you coming into the week. Is there any adjustment you've made so it will play better for you?
COLT KNOST: I'm just attacking when I have a good number in and short irons in my hands. When I have a longer club, not a good yardage, I play it to the middle of the green. The greens are so good, you might roll in a 30-footer occasionally. You hit a good putt, you've got a good chance of going in on these.

Q. Good playing, Colt. Keep it up.
COLT KNOST: Thank you.

Q. You're in your home state. Are you feeling the love?
COLT KNOST: Yeah. Quite a few people yelling when I'm walking down the fairways is nice. Starting to see some friends come out this weekend, which is nice, but it's nice to play in Texas and great to be out here.

Q. You start this year on the PGA TOUR after a great year on the Nationwide Tour. Has it lived up to your expectations so far?
COLT KNOST: If you look back at the way I played last year on the Nationwide Tour, I got off to a slow start as well. I really wasn't that consistent. I was really up and down all year, and I'm trying not to pressure anything. I got off to a really slow start last year and then won like my eighth event of the year last year. Trying to stay patient, and I know it's a long year and all you need is three, four good weeks out here.

Q. You're probably not going to get ahead of yourself. Is the Masters in the back of your mind?
COLT KNOST: You think about it because of all the stuff I went through last year. So much golf left, and I'm happy to be playing well and give myself a chance.

Q. Is there a comfort level, playing so close to home in a way?
COLT KNOST: Not really. I mean, it's so far away. It's four hours away. If I was in Dallas, it would be a little different. Just fun to play here. I'm used to these conditions and the type of grass we're playing on and everything. It's nice.

Q. This is your eighth start on Tour?
COLT KNOST: No. It's my eighth of the year. Seventeenth overall.

Q. What have you learned on the PGA Tour?
COLT KNOST: It's got -- I don't know. I'm still learning, honestly. I'm learning that this golf course, Redstone, is a lot more penalizing than last year on the Nationwide Tour. You can't make near as many mistakes. The guys out here are so good, the guys that are competing every week don't make mistakes that I've been making.

Q. You have a good six, seven hours before you go again. What's your plan?
COLT KNOST: I'm going to bed. I'm tired. I may hit a few balls. I didn't get much sleep last night. Yesterday was a long day. Try to recharge and get out and play as many holes as I can.

Q. Good playing.
COLT KNOST: Thank you.

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