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April 3, 2009

Johnson Wagner


Q. Solid 2-under par 70 in the first round.
JOHNSON WAGNER: Definitely it was tough starting this morning. It was cold and after the wind yesterday, I'm happy to be 2-under, but I missed a short one on 17 for birdie and making bogey on the last. I'm right there. The other guys are going to eat it up today in 36 with these kind of conditions. I get my chance tomorrow.

Q. You talked about your putter recently has to know its place. It's starting to come around. Top 30 last week at Bay Hill. This is a good course for you?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I love the greens out here. I love the golf course, especially the greens. I feel I read them better than anybody. I just love this course, and I'm really excited to play good this week.

Q. What are you doing best right now?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Driving the ball. I'm driving it real straight, hitting a lot of good iron shots, and I have birdie putts on every hole today. Some went there, some didn't.

Q. How different from yesterday to today?
JOHNSON WAGNER: It's as limp as could be. Sometimes you get a good draw, sometimes you get bad. Still to be determined which side got the worse end. But obviously the wind yesterday was hard.

Q. How many holes did it really affect yesterday?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I made two bogies yesterday on six holes that I can directly attribute to the wind. It could have been worse. You saw Alvaro Quiros, he was 9-over through 12. There's so many hazards out there. The ball wants to blow into them.

Q. Coming back here obviously has got to be good for you, great feeling and your form has been okay this year, but coming back here, it gives you a completely different feeling.
JOHNSON WAGNER: It does. From the moment I got here Monday, I've just had good vibes all week. Just everybody knows who I am, which is rare, and it's nice getting on this golf course. Two good years I've had here and looking for another good one this year.

Q. Talk about just how differently the playing conditions are today.
JOHNSON WAGNER: I got on the good side here. It's going to be -- someone is going to go low. They got 36 holes out here today in this weather. Someone is going to get 10, 12-under. I got my work cut out the next three rounds, but it's just the way golf goes.

Q. What do you do now? You got to wait until all these other people cycle through. You've got a long way.
JOHNSON WAGNER: We have an 8:30 tee time tomorrow morning. I'm going to go eat some lunch, practice hard and get some rest. Have another 6:00 wake-up call for the fifth straight day. I'm not looking forward to that, but I'm excited by this week.

Q. You have a baby on the way. You'll have to get used to that?
JOHNSON WAGNER: My wife will.

Q. Obviously you like the greens. What else about this course do you like?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I play a draw off the tee. So I think primarily, it's a drawer's golf course. Just everything about it, the condition of it, the lines off the tee, the approaches into the green. There's nothing about this place I don't like except for some of the tees they cut today. They played 18 way up. I was disappointed. That was for wind yesterday. Everything about this course is great.

Q. Is that unusual? This course is four years old.
JOHNSON WAGNER: No. I mean, it's just a good course.

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