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April 3, 2009

Greg Norman


Q. Alright. Thank you. Here with Greg Norman. Greg, even through 8. One bogey this morning. How big of a difference were the conditions today? Night and day, wasn't it?
GREG NORMAN: It was definitely dramatically different. It's a shame, because I would rather play under similar conditions even though we came back and it was a lot more benign this morning. Just disrupts your whole routine. Now we sit around for the rest of the day and wake up early tomorrow morning. It is what it is.

Q. You said at a press conference on Wednesday you and Fred Couples couldn't keep up with these kids. I'm looking at the leaderboard, you two are up there this week.
GREG NORMAN: Is Freddie up there? I knew he would do well around here. He's always been sneaky long, and this is a good long hitter's golf course. I don't match the length that Freddie does anymore. You just got to keep it in play and just eliminate a lot of bad mistakes and this golf course will give up something.
There's no question about it, some of the tees were up quite aways today so the guys could really reach most of the par-5s in two, so they should be able to take advantage of it.

Q. Well played this morning.
GREG NORMAN: Thank you.

Q. Greg, for a player who supposedly has a little ring rust, you got around very well, 1-under 71. Well played.
GREG NORMAN: Yes, thank you.

Q. What a difference. You played eight holes even par in high winds and come out and two birdies and one bogey this morning, finish at 1-under.
GREG NORMAN: It was a little cool this morning. Hard to get the engines really fired up. The golf course played totally different. The greens were slower. They weren't anywhere the same as what we putted on yesterday afternoon. It took me about four, five holes to get used to them.

Q. It seems the secret to golf is knowing how to score. You may be a little rusty with your swing but apparently still know how to manage your way around the golf course.
GREG NORMAN: I think it's the other way. I'm a little rusty with my scoring. It's just a matter of playing.

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