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April 2, 2009

Greg Norman


Q. Alright. Thank you. I'm here with Greg Norman. I understand your ball is one of those that had some serious movement there with the wind towards the end. Tell us about that.
GREG NORMAN: Yeah, 18, I hit it about eight, 6 feet and I was walking up to the green and really played a pitch shot, saw my ball below the hole, finished up about 9 feet. Perfect back up hill back into the wind.
You know, right there none -- the other two players didn't want to chip the shot because it came back. You know, this morning the golf course dried out a little bit. I've been around long enough to know there's trouble in paradise ahead of us. As soon as these greens lost their surface moisture this is going to happen. It's unfortunate.

Q. Seems like it was almost a Catch-22, they sped up the greens to be Augusta-like, and yet when you get the winds, they just won't hold.
GREG NORMAN: That's true. I mean the greens will hold but when you're trying to putt a 3-foot putt or 4-foot putt when the wind is blowing on you sideways you have to allow three, four inches for the break into the wind. That's not right. You know, I know they probably should have known the weather conditions were going to come in. We can all sit and lay judgment on -- for all the wrong reasons but at the end of the day, the weather is coming in. I've been in this situation before where we had to halt play. It's not an anomaly. It's just one of those things where we'll go back.

Q. You played on the Champion Tour last week getting ready for Augusta, your game heading into Augusta. I know you played some practice rounds recently and the place is even longer than you remember it.
GREG NORMAN: Tremendously long. About 440 yards longer when I last played. In 2002 it was like 7200. It's close to 7700 yards now. With all this weather moving across the United States right now it's going to be wet so it doesn't bode well for the people who don't carry the ball far. It's an extremely difficult golf course. Seems like the back tees are way back (inaudible).

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