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April 2, 2009

Ji Young Oh


DANA GROSS-RHODE: A 5-under par at a major championship, obviously you have to be pretty excited about that as a start.
JI YOUNG OH: Yeah. It's a very good start, I think. I really was calm, and I hit the fairways, and then I hit the green, too. So it was easy for me today.
And then, yeah, pretty exciting. And then today I played with Brittany Lincicome, and she really hits far the driver and then went six yards and seven yards difference.
JI YOUNG OH: Yeah. So every hole I'm more faster because I'm first. And then she scored two, and then she's a pretty good score, so it's pretty exciting.
DANA GROSS-RHODE: So how many greens and fairways did you miss?
JI YOUNG OH: Two times.
DANA GROSS-RHODE: You only missed two greens?
DANA GROSS-RHODE: So you missed two greens and two fairways? For a major championship, what are your goals for this week? Are you confident that you can hang on and possibly win it?
JI YOUNG OH: I don't know. I don't know. It's a major. So I hope to win, but I'm just playing my focus. So I'm just playing. We'll see, the next three days more.
DANA GROSS-RHODE: So you won last year. What has your golf game been like since winning last year and what have you been working on this year?
JI YOUNG OH: This year is more I practice the short game and then chipping and the putter, and then really -- yeah, just chipping, chipping and putting. So that's it.
DANA GROSS-RHODE: What are some of your favorite goals on this tour? What's is going to take to do very well on this tour?
JI YOUNG OH: Very well? You mean is there a hole?
DANA GROSS-RHODE: Yeah. What is the course like and what do you think that it's going to take to win on this course?
JI YOUNG OH: This course is really fast and long. And maybe tomorrow -- everybody say the wind will start in the afternoon. I think just the wind and the faster greens.
DANA GROSS-RHODE: What is your mind like when you see that Brittany is so much further ahead of you, but you still have the same score? What do you do to keep the score even?
JI YOUNG OH: Because after she hit driver, I think she almost -- number one, so far the driver. She's a good player. So I know her. She's far.
And then I'm just thinking about, yeah, she's far, and then just my playing and just my focus, and just my playing, just my game.
DANA GROSS-RHODE: On your scorecard, your birdies and bogeys, can you go through? Do you remember what holes you made birdies and bogeys on?
DANA GROSS-RHODE: Yeah. Start on No. 10.
JI YOUNG OH: Ten was par. And then 11, I did driver and then I hit the 5-iron and then 80 shot.
JI YOUNG OH: Yeah. 80 yards. I hit one foot.
DANA GROSS-RHODE: One foot. On 11.
JI YOUNG OH: And that's birdie. And then next hole, par and then par. Just talk about the birdies?
DANA GROSS-RHODE: Birdies and bogeys. Yeah.
JI YOUNG OH: Yeah. Birdies and bogeys. And then number 14, par-3, I used the 8-iron and one three shot, and then five feet and made birdie.
JI YOUNG OH: And then number 18, driver and then 5-iron and then -- yeah, 90 yards, and then 52 and then six feet and made birdie.
And then No. 1, I made birdie, driver and 40 shot and 8-iron, ten feet, and made birdie.
On par-5, I made birdie and then driver and then hybrid and then one 30 shot a 9-iron.
JI YOUNG OH: Four feet and made birdie. And then next one I made bogey, and I missed driver to the right side, it was long. And then I used a 5-iron on 70 shot to leave it short and then 20 yards, chip in and four or five feet and then made bogey.
And the next one is a birdie, 170, seven yards and the 5-iron and then eight feet.
DANA GROSS-RHODE: And then number five.
JI YOUNG OH: Next one was a birdie, too. I used a 5-iron again. And then I think eight or nine feet, almost saved the hole and made birdie.
And then next hole, parred. And then number 16, I made bogey, driver and then 5-iron again, and then I missed it to leave it short and little putt to the right side, and then my approach shot, 16 yards, and then six yards and two-putt and made it.
DANA GROSS-RHODE: And then par, par.
JI YOUNG OH: And then par, par.
DANA GROSS-RHODE: Okay. And what are you looking forward to tomorrow? How will you battle the wind tomorrow?
JI YOUNG OH: Just my focus, just thinking about. I'm never thinking about my tour and then wind and everything. Just my focus.
DANA GROSS-RHODE: That's perfect. Okay. Great.

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