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March 31, 2009

Andy Murray


A. MURRAY/V. Troiki
6-1, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Would you have rather had a really quick one like that than anything else?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, obviously of it hot today. You know, my first couple of the matches were long, you know, so I have spent quite a decent amount of time on court.
Yeah, especially nice when the weather is like this to get in relatively quickly.

Q. You talked about playing well and playing smart. It was just that today, wasn't it? Fifty eight minutes of playing well and playing smart.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, didn't make a lot of mistakes. High percentage of first serves. Used my slice well. Just kept thinking all the way through the match.
Right from the start, to get a break early, kind of set the tone for the rest of the match. He didn't really recover from that.

Q. I think you've got to go back to Hamburg now for the last time that you didn't reach at least the quarters of a Masters Series. Is that consistency the thing that pleases you most, the fact that there seems to be no letdowns these days?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, well, it does happen sometimes. First round match here was tough. You know, in Dubai I had a tough match there against Stakhovsky. You know, was down a set and a break, and could have easily been down a set and a break against Monaco. It can happen.
But, yeah, lately I've been finding ways to win when I've not been playing my best. I guess that's all you can do.
But like I said, at the end of last year consistency was great, and started this year really great. I need to make sure I keep it going in the next few months.

Q. When your opponent is imploding a little bit, is it difficult to sustain the levels of concentration that you need to do to keep him in that position?
ANDY MURRAY: No, I mean, I guess sometimes, you know, like I said yesterday after I played Massu, you lose concentration sometimes. But today I didn't. I didn't give him -- I don't think he had a breakpoint on my serve. I didn't give him any chances.
I was up 3-Love and 40-Love and played a couple of sloppy points. I served a double fault, maybe a couple of double faults in this game and gave him a slight chance.
But apart from that, I played really solid and didn't give him any opportunities.

Q. When you see somebody getting down on themselves like he was and missing a fair bit, does that alter the way you approach the match? Do you find yourself changing th way you deal with it?
ANDY MURRAY: No. Well, because I feel, you know, the reason he's missing is because where I was hitting the ball isn't -- he's normally very solid from the baseline. I put the ball in position where he obviously didn't like it, and just kept doing that.
You know, each time I did it he made more and more errors. By the end of the match, I didn't feel like he believed he could come back.

Q. Is Hawk-Eye sort of so much a part of the game now, do you ever find yourself sort of reaching or asking for it on a court where it isn't available?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, it's tough I think for the umpires as well it's difficult, because -- and the lines judges. Because when Hawk-Eye is there there's a lot less -- there's no pressure on them really to make calls. Even if they make a mistake, you can always get the right outcome with Haw-Eye; whereas when you play on the outside courts -- I've seen a few matches on the TV this week on that court, and guys have been getting pretty disappointed with some of the calling.
It's just, you know, the umpires and lines judges are not maybe as sharp as they used to be because they have Hawk-Eye most weeks now.
But I don't think they're ever going to have Hawk-Eye on all the courts.

Q. Do you feel they're so integrated you find yourself going for it when it's not there?

Q. Why do you think guys are so poor in their success rate?
ANDY MURRAY: I mean, I think if you give a guy one challenge a set and, you know, their life depended on it, I think they would be very good at the calls a lot of times. They don't challenge thinking the ball is definitely in.
I mean, a lot of times at the end of sets or in tiebreaks guys will challenge balls that they normally wouldn't do. It happens a lot in set points, match points, and what have you.
I think if the players, you know, had one challenge a set or whatever, I think they would be very good.

Q. For quarterfinals, which player you prefer, Verdasco or Stepanek?
ANDY MURRAY: Both have started this year very well. Verdasco obviously played well in the Australian Open. And Stepanek, I think he's won a couple tournaments maybe already this year.
So either is going to be difficult. I don't mind.

Q. Laura Robson today has become World Junior Girl's No. 1. Probably not someone you see an awful lot of, but...
ANDY MURRAY: I see her a fair amount.

Q. Oh, okay. Even better then. How good an effort is that at 15? Does it kind of excite you that there's another British player possibly on the way up?
ANDY MURRAY: I mean, I said from the first time I watched her at Wimbledon, I saw her play, and I watched her on the interactive channels on BBC when she was in like the quarters of the juniors at Wimbledon. I think she's very good. I think she will for sure get into the top 50.
But, you know, after that, you know, you don't know. Anything can happen. I know she's had a few problems here and there with injuries because she's been growing a lot, which is normal around that age.
But, I mean, she's going to be good. It's just you can never say how good someone is going to be. To be No. 1 in the world I think, yeah, it's an awesome achievement. You know, definitely for sure in the guys if you get to No. 1 in the world in the juniors you're going to be a top player pretty much.
And the girls, if you do it when you're 18 it's not quite the same. She's doing it so young it shows she's going to be good.

Q. Do you mind being on an outside court like that?
ANDY MURRAY: Not at all. Doesn't -- Neal was saying yesterday I don't play well on that court. I think my performance today showed that I don't mind playing on the outside courts that much (smiling.)

Q. Indifferent.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, indifferent.

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