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April 1, 2009

Karrie Webb


DANA GROSS-RHODE: Karrie, thank you very much for coining us. Thank you for coming in after your Pro-Am today. You've obviously won in the ALPG, and you just had your 36th win on the LPGA last week. For being a veteran on both tours and being in such form coming into another major where you won in two 2006, what are you feeling now and what are your thoughts as you pass 18 Poppie's Pond?
KARRIE WEBB: Obviously I have great memories here at Mission Hills to start with. I always look forward to coming back to this tournament, and first major of the year is always very exciting.
And obviously, winning last week, was great. A lot of hard work finally put all together for four rounds in a row; you know, I've been hearing the word "close" a couple of years, and it was starting to wear down on me as far as hearing that I'm close but not putting the scores on the board.
To play well last week, and to win, obviously that boosts my confidence for this week.

Q. Having won here, you have an advantage over a lot of people, when you come here, do you feel like you have some kind of edge over everybody else because you do have such a strong record here?
KARRIE WEBB: I don't know if I think about it as having an advantage over everybody else. But it just makes me feel confident about playing on this golf course.
Amazingly, this is the 14th time I've played the event, and I can't believe I'm saying I've got almost a decade and a half of experience around here.
But, you know, I've played the course in just about every wind condition, weather condition that you can, and so I hope that knowledge helps me feel comfortable on the golf course and gives me that little advantage hopefully Sunday afternoon.

Q. Players have been saying that they have not seen the course as firm and fast; is that accurate?
KARRIE WEBB: I didn't play today but I think they are always pretty firm here. I think the greens are in the best shape they have been here in a few years. When I say that, that means that the speed is definitely up early in the week. So I would expect them to look shiny and brownish on Sunday afternoon and quite fast.
I think that's one of the defenses that the course has is when the greens have a little bit of speed going.

Q. Michelle Wie is back after two years; how big of a competition is she going to be this time for you?
KARRIE WEBB: I guess I don't look at any one player as a contender against myself. Anybody in the field this week has a chance to win. I think Michelle Wie, she's talented enough to put herself any given week at the top of the leaderboard.
So it would not surprise me if her name was up there with a chance to win on Sunday afternoon.

Q. Just wondering if you are much of a superstitious person, Lorena coming in here last week having won the previous week in Arizona; a bit of déjà vu would suit you nicely this week.
KARRIE WEBB: If that's the superstition I'm going with, I'll go with that for sure. I'm a pretty superstitious person. I think anyone that plays golf has ingrained superstitions or weekly superstitions that you did something well that day, so you do it again and again and again.
Yeah, so hopefully that's a good one, winning the week before here and coming in and winning this week as well.

Q. (Do you have anything you do consistently in that regard or in your routine).
KARRIE WEBB: My warmup routine has been pretty similar my whole career. I guess the one that I do the most is the number golf ball I use is a four on Thursday, threes, twos, ones on Sundays. That's the one I've done throughout my career.
But as crazy as -- this is probably a little too much information for you guys, but I went to the same toilet in the bathroom last week after I played well the first day. I figured that was a good one to sit on before I went out every other day. (Laughing).

Q. Will you have any fond memories walking past that spot on the 18th green?
KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, every time I play 18, you know, it's a feeling that you can't really ever recreate, but you can definitely -- I can still when I get there, even talking about it, I can feel the emotion and the excitement and just the flat-out reaction to a shot going in, and at the time, actually thought that I could have holed it to win without having to go into a playoff.
So definitely. I can't imagine that I'll ever do something that will top that, but I would love to. But definitely an experience that I will treasure forever.
DANA GROSS-RHODE: Thank you all. Karrie, good luck this weekend.

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