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March 29, 2009

Gael Monfils


5-7, 7-5, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It was seemed like Roland Garros out there. Did you notice all that? Did it just help you come back from that 5-2 deficit?
GÄEL MONFILS: Yeah, of course. I mean, I very enjoy it. Every time, it's very nice. When you have some support like that and even from the American and saw a lot of Frenches on holiday I know during this period. So I feel, yeah, I feel comfortable on the court. Definitely helped me in the end of the match.

Q. A lot of French players are up right around the Top 15. What does it feel for you? Is this a pride thing when your countrymen are doing so well in the sport finally?
GÄEL MONFILS: I mean, it's an individual sport, so, I mean, it's okay. I'm happy for them. But still, it's an individual sport, so I'm happy for the country. But I look at myself.

Q. Is Roland Garros still the ultimate dream, to win the French Open as a French person? And how tough is it that Rafael Nadal is the barrier that you must climb over?
GÄEL MONFILS: I mean, before, to think about Rafael, you got some other that are very tough. Yeah, for sure, it's a dream for French guy.
Still, we work on it, and then, no, we never know. In two weeks, I mean, we never know if you play your best tennis. We don't know the condition and don't know how you feel.
Every year I still believe I can get it.

Q. You have Andy Roddick next. He's a tough player, obviously. What do you have to do to beat him?
GÄEL MONFILS: Yes, I'm not going to tell you. I will keep it for me. But yeah, it will be a tough match. We will see.

Q. Safin is talking about retirement. Did it seem like this guy is a guy that looks like he's ready to retire?
GÄEL MONFILS: He's still compete hard and hitting very hard and flat the ball. It's his choice. I mean, he will be missed for the tennis maybe, but maybe if his body is sore or can't have the motivation to travel around the world every week, so I mean, sometimes you can understand.

Q. Seemed like you were just trying to make him miss, just taking pace off the ball until he made a mistake. Was that your strategy a lot?
GÄEL MONFILS: Zero strategy. Nothing. My mind was empty.

Q. What do you mean?
GÄEL MONFILS: I mean just pushing the ball back and see what happened.

Q. Really? That's what you were doing?

Q. Do you feel like you can get to the top, doing that kind of game?
GÄEL MONFILS: No. It wasn't a good match for me today. I played very bad. I mean, I just survive. In pure game, zero.

Q. But you never give up. Is that something you're proud of?
GÄEL MONFILS: This is part of me. I never give up on the court. I had luck because he miss two shot on his match point, but purely tennistically [sic] it was very empty today. Nothing.
Maybe I have a good serve sometime.

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