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August 25, 1996

Duffy Waldorf


WES SEELEY: Duffy Waldorf. 70, 70, 71, 66. 277. 3-under par, in your first World Series of Golf, it would seem to me.

DUFFY WALDORF: My first one. Obviously, excited to be here. And after the first three days I played steady and I just kind of wanted to go out today to see if I can break par. You kind of want to at least get a good round in there before the tournament is over, and things went well for me right at the start, and I was able to just keep the momentum going into the backside. Unfortunately, for me, I just didn't hit enough greens coming in the last six holes. I got it to 5-under for my round after 12 holes and I only hit -- didn't really, I didn't hit a green the rest of the way. Hit it on the fringe one hole with the birdie putt. The other five holes I was basically trying to get up-and-down for par, which I just needed to get -- well, looks like maybe one for birdie. It is hard to say, but I needed to have a few more birdie opportunities the last 6.

WES SEELEY: Do birdies and bogeys.

DUFFY WALDORF: I birdied the second hole from about five feet. Hit the front edge of the green in 2 and 2-putted. Number 3, I hit 5-iron in from 175. Hit it in there from eight feet, made that for birdie. Then on Number 6, I hit a 4-iron in from about 210 and made that for birdie. I hit it about 2 feet, close. And then Number 7, I had about 215 and hit another 4-iron, hit it three feet from the hole, made that for birdie. Bogeyed Number 8. Hit it in the bunker. Missed about a 20-footer for par. And then I birdied number 11, hit a wedge in from about 130 out of the rough; made about a 20-footer for birdie. 12, I hit it in the bunker, perfect, and wedged it right in sand trap about 15 yard shot out of the bunker and then I parred the rest the way 'til 17 where I missed the green to the right and didn't hit a very good chip about 15 feet and missed it for bogey.

WES SEELEY: Questions.

Q. On 16, Duffy, did you feel walking off that green that you might have forced it to get that par there and, you know, you were going to at least hole out 'til the end and maybe --

DUFFY WALDORF: Yeah. I felt very fortunate. I mean it was a very tough par having almost 200 yards in from that third shot. Very fortunate to make par and I still felt I had momentum. I just didn't have any good shots left in me. I hit a good drive, but really, pretty easy second shot to miss the green. Just 158 yards, 7-iron that I pushed. You could tell the last 4 holes, I was just kind of pushing and pulling shots a little bit, unfortunately, but that is the way it goes. I played well; hit a lot of good shots the first 12 holes; just didn't have enough left for to get the win.

Q. Four rounds on this course, toward the end there, as you are coming in, is it starting really kind of dragging the rest of what you got in you out?

DUFFY WALDORF: Yeah, I had a lot of energy today too. I felt good even after the 36 holes and I built the momentum up with all the birdies on the front side and 11 and 12. I just the holes get hard. There is not too many easy holes. The last six holes, you mess up just a little bit, you are going to be struggling for par, which is what I did.

Q. 18, you knew where you stood, obviously. Your were in the left rough, your second shot.

DUFFY WALDORF: Had about 150 yards to the front about 165 to the hole and trying to hit a 9-iron to the right and let it run on the green and I was in pretty thick rough and I took a big cut at it and pulled it. Pulled it right in the bunker. I was fortunate that it went to the bunker because I probably went through that tree somehow, I couldn't see it. And -- of all the places it could have ended up, I was glad it was in the bunker. At least I had a shot. I knew I could get it closer, give it a chance and actually that was a better bunker shot than I hit on the other hole, I think. I didn't see the other one but that one was pretty tough shot that I had there; hit it just a foot away.

Q. Can you talk a little bit more about the chip on 17.

DUFFY WALDORF: Yeah, I think --

Q. The lie --

DUFFY WALDORF: Of all the chips I had the last six holes, that was, by far, the easiest. It was an easy shot. I had a perfect lie. Plenty of green to work with, maybe that was the problem. I wasn't a little aggressive with it, and the lie was so good I actually thought felt I had to hit it harder because I thought it was going to checkup. Just got away from me; just hit it too hard. Basically -- I mean, I had -- the shots I had on 16 and 18 were five, six, times harder than that shot. That shot would be an up-and-down, I think, three out of four times for me, if not more.

Q. You are five feet above the hole trying to make the par on 17. That was awfully tough.

DUFFY WALDORF: That was bad position. To put it there, you want to miss it short, if anything, that was just a bad place to put it.

Q. What are your feelings now? You have got to feel that it's a pretty significant tournament for you to have come around and 72 holes the way you have - how do you feel?

DUFFY WALDORF: Definitely. And to finish strong like I did kind of brings me back. I haven't played -- the last 3 tournaments I have played this one, the PGA and U.S. Open, so I haven't played very much. It is nice to get back. Injuries are feeling pretty good, but I wanted to get some confidence back in my golf game which I have.

WES SEELEY: Okay. All right.

End of FastScripts....

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