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March 22, 2009

Pat Hurst


THE MODERATOR: Pat, welcome. Congratulations. What a putt!
PAT HURST: Thank you. Yeah. It was a lot of fun. That putt on 17, 18 coming in was exciting. I just tried not to get ahead of myself out there, and you know, we made it happen.

Q. (Translated from Spanish): Your opinion on that last putt.
PAT HURST: You know, basically when I was reading the putt, I was not thinking about playoff or anything, just about making the putt.
And you know, tried to put a good stroke on it and give it a chance. I knew the putt was downhill, so I knew I could get it there. It was just a matter of getting the line, and it was on the right line.

Q. Pat, congratulations.
PAT HURST: Thank you.

Q. What was the best part of your day today? Did you drive the ball good? Did you putt good? Did you do everything good?
PAT HURST: I would have to say my putting was probably the best part of the three days. I had some up-and-downs out there.
It was basically more of my hitting. I hit one OB on 10 today, which was left, and you know it was just -- you know, my putting saved me out there. I've been working a lot on my putting, and it paid off today, actually the last three days.
So just like I said, working really hard on the putting, and it really paid off.

Q. (Translated from Spanish). Were the pin placements easier today than yesterday?
PAT HURST: You know, yesterday it seemed like the greens were getting firm and where the pin placements were coming in was at times tough, but I think both days the pins were on some tough spots at times.
And the golf course is demanding. You just gotta stay on top of it and not let it get you down. If you make a bogey, that's okay, just move forward, because everybody out there is going to be making bogeys, so the more birdies you can make, the better it is.
You know, the pins -- from last year to this year I'd have to say the greens weren't as firm as last year, so it made it a little more accessible.
It's still tough to judge the distance out here because we're not used to the elevation. But overall, you know, it seems like when you're playing well, you know, it's hard to pump on that when it feels like the golf -- I'm not saying the golf course played easy, but I'm just saying that it was a little more accessible for me out there.

Q. After your last holes yesterday, how did you feel coming back today? Also, Lorena and Yani said it was a very emotional day today. Was it for you the same?
PAT HURST: Well, obviously it's a little bit more emotional for Lorena, but coming in yesterday I kind of fell apart on 16, 17 and 18 and hit some really poor shots, but again, my putting -- you know, I made some good putts, and I went out and hit balls after the round and figured out what I was doing wrong, and I just kind of carried that over from the range yesterday to today and tried to put that out of my mind and not think about it. That was yesterday. Today's a new day, and just go out and play.
And of course, it's very emotional for me, you know. I think any time you win it's emotional, but for Lorena, you know, to play in front of the home crowd, it's always emotional. That's the way I always feel when I'm at home.

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