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March 22, 2009

Brett Quigley


MARK WILLIAMS: Brett Quigley, welcome to the interview room, Transitions Championship. Good playing, disappointing not to get over the line but a couple good weeks in a row.
BRETT QUIGLEY: Yeah, just playing really nice. Today was a nice continuation. Actually it seems like it helps me; I played with Charlie Wi, and Charlie played great. I thought he was going to win the golf tournament. He had a putt to go 10-under on 12 and I figured I had to birdie, maybe get to 9.
But it was good playing with a guy that was playing well and fun to watch.
MARK WILLIAMS: It's that sort of golf course where you have to avoid the mistakes, and you did that pretty well all week, didn't you.
BRETT QUIGLEY: Yeah, you're right, any hole out here -- that's why it's probably harder having to make pars coming in for Retief, knowing what he had to do. It's just a good, hard golf course. It's fair. It's tough.

Q. How nerve-wracking was it for you to watch Retief out there, or did you watch?
BRETT QUIGLEY: I saw he bogeyed 16 when I was in the scoring tent, and then I didn't watch -- it's funny. I watched last week; Michael Bradley made birdie and I watched the putt. So this week I figured I wouldn't watch, and it's the same outcome.
So I need to play a little better, is the bottom line, at least one or two shots.

Q. What about that, how you've played the last two weeks, two seconds?
BRETT QUIGLEY: I don't know if funny is the right word. But I've been playing well all year, didn't get much out of the beginning. Started putting really well at Honda and turned the corner at Honda, played well on a home week, and obviously didn't finish well, but the two last weeks, had two nice weeks.
MARK WILLIAMS: Do you believe in the mantra, that if you keep knocking on the door, it's going to open eventually?
BRETT QUIGLEY: Yeah, a buddy called me and said: "If you deal drugs long enough, you're going to get caught, and if you get into position long enough, you're going to win." That's all I'm trying to do. And played well today and I was happy with the way that I played and had a chance and didn't back away from it, so I was certainly very happy.

Q. The last dozen or so groups really had some tough times at 18. How difficult of a finishing hole was that today?
BRETT QUIGLEY: It's a good tee shot. It's a hard tee shot, and the second shot is impossible. You're looking at that pin, it plays probably ten or 15 yards uphill. You don't want to be short, because the bunker is dead. And then if everybody hits it past the hole, then you've got a putt that's the proverbial, you're in the back of the tub trying to stop it short of the drain, where the green is so fast, we all ran it by, Charles Howell and I did, and Retief did. It just shows you how fast that green is. It's a good, hard hole, but it's fair, though.
MARK WILLIAMS: How much did the course change from the first day to today?
BRETT QUIGLEY: A lot. Yesterday the greens were about 13 or 14, but the pins were great. Everything was fair. I just like it when it's hard and fair, and certainly this golf course will give you that.

Q. Were the greens a little easier today? Did they back off?
BRETT QUIGLEY: They did. I think they put a little water on them and the pins were a little more generous today as far as not kind of on the edge. I think you saw some lower scores as a result.

Q. There's a rumor that Tiger doesn't like this golf course and has never played here in this tournament. Does that surprise you that he might not like this golf course?
BRETT QUIGLEY: I don't see any golf course that he wouldn't like, the way he plays.
I haven't heard that. I don't know.
MARK WILLIAMS: Thanks, Brett, appreciate your time.

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