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March 22, 2009

Bo Van Pelt


Q. A 66 today 5-under par, talk about your round.
BO VAN PELT: I played really well. I didn't make birdie on 1 and 11, two holes that you try to get out here. But other than that, I played pretty darned good. I hit the ball well and kept it in play and hit a bunch of really good iron shots, and I didn't make any long putts or anything. I was knocking it close. Played really well yesterday, too. I could have shot probably just as low yesterday. Just didn't quite capitalize on my opportunities.
So I knew I was playing well and wanted to capitalize on the chances I was giving myself, and it feels good to finish off a week like that.

Q. Define just how good that round was. Jim Furyk had a 65 in the first round and was the lowest round of the golf tournament and you just tied the second-lowest round of this tournament.
BO VAN PELT: This Copperhead Course has stood the test of time. They have not had to change it much. Those greens are getting pretty crusty out there. It's definitely going to be a challenge for those guys coming home on the back nine.

Q. Can we read anything into your score in terms of how the course is playing today compared to prior days in the tournament?
BO VAN PELT: Probably not just off my score. But I think that you are going to see -- coming in, I didn't make as many birdies. I was hitting great shots and that just shows you how tricky those greens are and slippery. So guys making any birdies coming in, they did really well.

Q. Is it more about avoidance on this golf course, taking care of not making a big number? Your bogey count is nine for the week and no doubles. Is that really the key around here?
BO VAN PELT: I drove the ball well all week and I think that's the key. If you miss a tee ball here it's tough to make par, because the greens are firm and the rough is high around the greens. So it's just trying to keep in play and not, like you said, kind of shoot yourself in the foot.

Q. T-5 early in the year at the Bob Hope, a couple missed cuts, four in a row now. Found something?
BO VAN PELT: I was playing well, I think I missed a little one on the last hole at Bob Hope for birdie and I let it bother me instead of thinking about all of the great holes I played that week. And you know, it just bugged me for a couple of weeks about that to not finish it off.
You know, I've been working consistently with my coach, Mark Wood, and he was down this week. I felt really prepared this week to play well and to be quite honest I was disappointed yesterday when I walked off the course and only being even par. I just wanted to stick to what we were trying to do and play just a little tighter today and just not have any loose bogeys like I let myself do the first three days.

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