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March 21, 2009

Roger Federer


A. MURRAY/R. Federer
6-3, 4-6, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. At 2-1, 15-all, Andy took a tumble. You checked to see that he was okay, and then three points later you're walking off broken. You don't win another game. What happened?
ROGER FEDERER: Um, way too many errors today. The first set, I tried to keep playing; I couldn't. I struggled with the rhythm today, so that was the same thing in the third set.

Q. It was very, very early, of course, but when you had that Love-40 game, did that just set the stage for what was going on?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, now, looking back, sure. I would have loved to go in front with the lead. We had a tough rally as well at 30-40. Who knows if I maybe win that point, maybe he can't play the way he played all match long, you know.
So that definitely helped him to stay in the match, and then maybe got the break later on after that. So it was a tough match for me and tough moment.

Q. Do you recall struggling that much with your backhand in a long time?
ROGER FEDERER: Ah, yeah, I have those moments quite frequently.

Q. How disappointed? Are you disappointed? What's the mood? What's the feel?
ROGER FEDERER: Two minutes after the match I don't know. You know, you're just like disappointed a bit, but it was a decent tournament. Not the greatest of all time, but it was all right.
I still had high hopes for today, so I have to look forward. Hopefully I'll play well in Miami.

Q. What makes him difficult?
ROGER FEDERER: He's a great counter puncher and reads the game really well. He's got great feel, you know, so he's -- he's very confident at the moment. You can tell the way he plays, you know. He knows he doesn't need to play close to the lines because he knows he can cover the court really well.
I think that calms him down mentally. I think that's why he's playing so well.

Q. When he did go down, though, did you think he was hurt? And after that, did he just play better, or did you just...
ROGER FEDERER: Not really, no.

Q. That was a turning point?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, he played unbelievable in the end. I made many mistakes. My fault, you know.
No, I was worried for him. You know, went down badly. I didn't see the entire fall because I was following my ball. But, you know, he screamed, so I hoped he was fine.
I was happy to see that he got back up. That was good that he's not injured.

Q. It's four times now that you've played him at one set all and come away behind in three-set matches. What makes the difference?
ROGER FEDERER: Fitness. I'm old. He's young, you know. Makes a huge difference. No, I mean, those are best-of-three-set matches. I think in the last few matches I always felt Andy came on strong, as the match went on, you know.
This time was different. I think I played well in the second. Forced the issue a bit more and then played a shocking third set. It was one of those matches where it was very up and down from both ends, and today the better player won.

Q. You brought up that you were old. Do you feel the age factor?

Q. Does the heat have an effect on you?
ROGER FEDERER: No, it doesn't. I usually practice in much hotter conditions than this. It was cool.

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