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March 20, 2009

Gisela Dulko

Shahar Peer


PEER-DULKO/Llagostera Vives-Martinez Sanchez
6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Give us your thoughts on the match.
SHAHAR PEER: We really like playing with each other. It feels great. We have one match to go, and we're really looking forward for that.

Q. What would you say is a strength that your partner brings to the table?
SHAHAR PEER: I think we're pretty similar, I would say, because we're both good singles players and we're pretty aggressive. We don't have a huge serve, but we can make a lot of first serves. We have good returns.
She is doing pretty good at the net. She is really aggressive and she really sees the balls better. But overall, I think we're pretty similar.
GISELA DULKO: Yeah, well, I think I would say pretty much the same. I think Shahar is a great fighter, also. She always covers me in the forward position, so -- she said it.

Q. Any thoughts about Azarenka and Zvonareva?
SHAHAR PEER: Not right now. You know, we just have to keep on playing our game: Be aggressive, do what we need to do. And, you know, with the deuce and super tiebreak everything is rapid and can go very fast. Just have to be concentrate and play our game.
GISELA DULKO: I think I would say pretty much the same, yeah.

Q. You broke their serve five times in the match. Is that something you talked about before starting the match, like this is a game plan, or it just happened in the match?
SHAHAR PEER: I think it just happened. I think -- I think we like to return more than serving. (Laughter.) We're pretty aggressive return, both of us, and we try to be aggressive all the time. I think it's working for us.

Q. How does it feel to have the focus back on tennis instead of what happened to you in Dubai?
SHAHAR PEER: It's been very good. I had a lot of -- I had one very big press conference at the beginning of last week. So it feels good, and I really hope it's behind me and I can play tennis.

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