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June 25, 1999

Duffy Waldorf


LEE PATTERSON Maybe just a couple of thoughts about today and heading into the weekend.

DUFFY WALDORF: Well, I played great today. Really the key to my round was making some key par putts. I made no bogeys today and maybe missed a few birdie opportunities, but all the tough par putts I had -- I made them all. I had quite a few of them. I had 11 and 12, made two good putts there at the start of my round, I think that was important. I picked up a couple of birdies in the middle of my first nine there on 14 and 15 and then just kind of just parred along and played pretty well in the front but still missed some greens and made some good up-and-downs on about three or four holes on the front side; same thing, I kind of made the pars when I missed the green, then picked up a couple birdies when I hit good shots. That is kind of the way the course plays though. You are going to have a lot of chances to get up-and-down so you are going to need to take advantage as many as you can.

Q. Do you have any special New York designs this weekend?

DUFFY WALDORF: I am sure I will have plenty of time to prepare for tomorrow since I have a late tee time. So far I only had my son and myself here, so it keeps us from -- I am pretty good at writing words on there; not so great on the designs. My wife is good at that; my son scribbles. I am sure you will see a few apples on there. New York is rich in ideas for golf balls. There is lots of things going on here.

Q. You finished second here one year, but otherwise you haven't played all that well here. Can you explain that at all?

DUFFY WALDORF: I think I have had -- I mean, I have had a lot of good rounds here. I think the following year here I finished second. I think I was leading going into the third round so I have had a few good years here and for the most part I played pretty well here. This is the kind of course you really got to bring your A-Game to. If I remember when I come here and haven't been sharp -- either you have got to have at least some good driving going and some good putting going. If you don't have those, you are going to kind of be knocked out. This course kind of knocks you out. Kind of realize that coming in here; fortunately starting yesterday and continuing on today, I have putted real well. I think that has been the key. I think just about anyone is going to have to putt real well to hang around this tournament.

LEE PATTERSON Why don't you go over your birdies first.

DUFFY WALDORF: Backside I birdied No. 14, the par 3, I hit a pitching wedge in there about ten feet, made it for birdie. Then the next hole 15, I hit a 9-iron from about 150 yards, hit it in there about 15 feet, made it for birdie. Then all the way to No. 6, the par 3 I hit a pitching wedge, again hit it close, hit it about four feet, made it for birdie. Next hole, hit it close three feet made for birdie No. 7 with a wedge.

LEE PATTERSON Some of your par putts.

DUFFY WALDORF: The last hole No. 9, I butchered No. 9. I hit a good drive; then just hit it right where you can't hit it in the left trees and I had to pitch under the trees. Then I hit it over the green; didn't hit a good chip about ten feet, made that for par. Good way to finish the round. Then No. 2 I made about 8-footer for par. I missed the green short, chipped it up about eight feet. No. 1 made good par-putt, only about a four, 3-, 4-footer but I hit it way left of the green and hit a good chip in there. Then 11, 12, were kind of the important ones. I made about an 8-footer on No. 11. And about a 12-footer on No. 12 both for par. Good way to start the rounds. Those are really hard holes. I mean, more likely than not you are going to have some opportunity to make bogeys there and it is always nice, you feel like you make birdie when you make a good par like that.

Q. What happened that year you finished second? Did you lose a couple of holes in a playoff to Vijay?

DUFFY WALDORF: No. A lot of David Frost happened that year. I played really well and Frosty and I kind of one, two and he went out and shot a really, really good front side and I just kind of was hanging in there; then I started playing better. I remember at one point on the backside he had me by about four, five shots; I was like four, five shots clear of second or third place. So it was kind of one of those times when a couple of guys go out and get away from the field and he just -- he played great. Made a lot of putts. And he ended up winning, I think, by 7, quite a few shots and I finished in second. I think I remember giving back about three shots at the end. I was kind of close, kind of gotten to within three shots of him; then I think I bogeyed 15 and double-bogeyed 16. Then I was out of it. It was his tournament and I parred in for second.

Q. You said you hit a couple shots left. Pulling the ball a bit?

DUFFY WALDORF: My misses have been left. That was the only shot, the really only shot all day I was not in the fairway. I hit every fairway today, I think. Seemed like every shot was a the ball was above my feet. But that will cause to you hit it left. The 9th hole I had the ball above my feet in the fairway 3-wood out so that you really got to be careful the ball being pulled, I stayed back and pulled across it. It would have been a lot easier shot off a flat lie, but the lie kind of caused it. I just didn't compensate for the lie enough.

Q. Pretty hard to get a flat lie out here?

DUFFY WALDORF: Quite a few holes out here. It can be tough, yeah. There is not a lot of flat lies.

Q. You talk about New York being rich for ideas, do you have any specific things at all, things on your mind in terms of --

DUFFY WALDORF: Well, I mean the Statue of Liberty always comes to mind, the Big Apple, I can think -- I don't know what -- I don't know what design I'd do for Broadway but I certainly can say something about Broadway. I could start write something down names of my favorite restaurants.

Q. What do you like here for restaurants?

DUFFY WALDORF: My favorite is down in the Little Italy Angelos, and unfortunately my friends from CBS are not here; I always go with them. This year I probably won't get down there. I just like being in New York. I like going to Manhattan. I don't know how people live there, but it is sure fun to go visit. I used to think I lived in the a city until I came to New York. I am from L.A.; oh, you live in the city. 'til I got to Manhattan,, oh, this is a city.

Q. You get energized when you come here in New York?

DUFFY WALDORF: I love it here. People have a lot of energy here. Whether they love you or hate you, they have a lot of energy, either way - hey, you bum; what do you got on your ball today - it is one or the other.

Q. Do you think it is a little bit too much energy out there? I know some of the other golfers complained about noise from the spectators --

DUFFY WALDORF: Really? Today?

Q. Yesterday and today a little bit. Did you find that problem at all?

DUFFY WALDORF: No, it has been very lonely out there for me. I make a putt; I look up and: Is anybody going to clap? Nobody is following my group. I just kinds of snuck around out there. I got a few rounds of applause, but pretty quiet. I expect a more louder crowd than what I have gotten the last two days. Just not enough people, I guess, yet. They are all making money down there. Too busy to come up here tomorrow.

Q. Last group tomorrow?

DUFFY WALDORF: That would be nice. There will be a little more noise when I come out around 18 tomorrow.

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