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March 20, 2009

Tatsunori Hara


TATSUNORI HARA: There isn't anything particular to teach, not really in particular. In regards to major league players, I believe the players themselves have more information than I have, so I probably would have information to ask my players of them.

Q. I would like to ask more specific questions. On Sunday, it may be Dice-K; is that correct?
TATSUNORI HARA: No comment. Let me just say no comment. I guess the media and the fans are probably most interested in that, but what's most important to us right now is to win. So I would like to just keep within the rules and fight on. So would that answer your question?

Q. (No microphone.)
TATSUNORI HARA: I am looking forward to, as I said yesterday, what we aim for [] with the American team, the major leaguers. So the fact that we can play against them, we're so excited. And at the same time, the U.S. manager, Dave Johnson, I really don't know him well myself, but I understand he was wearing the Tokyo Giants uniform in Japan, so in that sense he was an "old boy" of the Tokyo Giants. I feel familiar with him.
And Reggie Smith is also a coach on the U.S. team, so those are two people that I respect that we have to play against. So I would like to be able to fight against them, and Japan to be proud of us. To be proud of Japan, that's what we would like to do. Thank you.

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