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March 20, 2009

Retief Goosen


Q. Kenny Perry was saying this feels like the U.S. Open; what do you say about the conditions?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Different pressure-wise from the U.S. Open. At least you can still hit 8-irons here instead of 3- or 4-irons. It's set up like a U.S. Open. The rough is four inches deep and the greens are getting quicker and it's breezy in the afternoon.
It is playing tricky. If you are off your game slightly, you're going to struggle. But it's still not quite the U.S. Open the last few years we've played.

Q. In terms of your play, obviously who knows what would have happened if you had played another round at Pebble Beach; what has been working for you that's been so successful this year?
RETIEF GOOSEN: I'm working much harder on my game. Lost about 20 pounds of weight since last year this time. I'm playing a little bit more at the beginning of this year than I normally did, and I'm practicing and working much harder on my game, just trying to find some form.
Unfortunately I've been struggling with my irons a little bit and focusing, and that throws you off balance a little bit, and reading the greens. Yeah, I'm putting some good rounds together for a change again. I've had a low round here and there. And to get around this course under par is a good round.

Q. Talking about Augusta National, some of the roars on the back nine have been absent the last couple of years, what would you do if you were Billy Payne in his position?
RETIEF GOOSEN: I don't know. Everything is about length. The longer they are making the golf course, it plays into certain players' hands. I'm definitely not getting longer, getting pretty much shorter.
Some golf courses, some players are pretty much -- they know they can't shoot a low score around there. Some players, they hit it a long way. And Augusta, no rough out there, the longer players seem to have a bit of an advantage.

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