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March 20, 2009

Joe Ogilvie


Q. How was your round today?
JOE OGILVIE: It was very good. This is a tough golf course and I drove the ball in the fairway for the most part, and saw some putts drop. I hit the ball solid all day. It was a round that I haven't played very often this year, that's for sure.

Q. Now what's your history here on this course? You've played here before; does that help you?
JOE OGILVIE: It certainly does. First of all, you recognize how difficult it is. But this is probably my lowest round on this golf course. I've played decent here in the past, but never really great. I think my lowest finish is probably 30th or 35th.
So I'm looking forward to this weekend though. I feel like I've got some momentum for the first time all year, and I feel like my head is in the proper space.
You know, I tend to like golf courses where you don't have to shoot 25-under par, and this is certainly one of them.

Q. You've been coming to this tournament for a number of years, and two years ago, the ownership of the resort changed and this year the sponsorship has changed. A little thought on where the tournament is at now?
JOE OGILVIE: PODS really saved the tournament for those two or three years, and I don't think we would be here in Tampa if they didn't step up. But you kind of felt like it was a transition, and Transitions is now the sponsor. You felt like you needed a shot in the arm.
With Transitions here, you see all the players, they set up a little optics room. It's fantastic. You feel like they have their company behind it, and I think that's a Tampa-based company. Whenever you can get a local company as a title sponsor, it makes the tournament a lot better. I think Gerald Goodman has done a great job, and the resort is fantastic. It's looking up.

Q. Getting back a little bit, it seems like there are a whole bunch of guys who are playing well without running away from the field, so it sure shapes up that the weekend is going to be --
JOE OGILVIE: Yeah, and this is a golf course that it kind of scrunches the field a little bit, because you are not going to see a guy -- well, Furyk might get it to 10-under. But you are not going to see a guy shoot 62 on this golf course, especially with the wind being like this, and the greens are a little firm. It's a tough place.

Q. Yesterday, the guys in the morning seemed to have a little bit better of it; do you think that will hold true again this afternoon?
JOE OGILVIE: Yeah, I think there's no doubt. Yesterday afternoon, first of all, the wind blew probably double what it's doing right now, and the greens got firm and fast. I think you'll see a little bit of that. The guys in the morning yesterday had no wind whatsoever. They had a pretty easy go at it.

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