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March 19, 2009

Trevor Immelman


Q. Comments?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Well, it was nice to play like myself again for a change. You know, I've been making a few changes to try and get a bit more consistent. You know, that wasn't quite the case here at the start of the season. So I was scratching my head a little bit.
Started feeling a little bit better the last ten days or so, so it was nice to actually go out there and do it on the golf course. I've been able to hit it well on range but haven't been able to take it to the course. Today it was nice to get that done.
In fact, Saturday and Sunday in Miami was half-decent. Sunday was good. When I played in the morning, it was quite windy, and so I was happy with 69. I actually played -- I bogeyed 17, as well. So I was 4-under after 16, and I started feeling things coming together a little bit.
So hopefully I can keep it going and get myself in here with a chance on the weekends.

Q. Tavistock Cup must have been a huge lift for you.
TREVOR IMMELMAN: It was nice for us to win, yes.

Q. You played okay, though.
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Yeah, I did. I played great with Ernie in the better-ball, but him and I just didn't make enough putts.
You know, I believe what I'm doing is right. And like I said, I've been doing it beautifully on the range on my weeks off, but unfortunately that doesn't matter. I've just been trying to find a way to bring it to the golf course in a tournament.

Q. Has this ever happened to you before?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: All the time.

Q. Seriously?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Very rarely do I get off to a good start in the year, it seems to me. Not too sure why. I normally start finding my stride here somewhere in the Florida Swing, so that's where I'm leaning right now.

Q. Did you leave with Doral with as much confidence as you've probably had leaving a tournament this year?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Actually, in Abu Dhabi, I played really well and putted, like, terrible. I hit the ball very well there. I was going to take four weeks off after that. And so I left that tournament thinking, well, man, if I can hit the ball like that and I work on my putting, the next four weeks, I'll be fine. But then when I came back, I hit it crap, as well.

Q. Where did you come back?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: L.A. And I played a good round in L.A. on the first day, and then shot a million on the second day.

Q. Holed out a 9-iron on your first shot in The Match Play.
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Yeah. I mean, look, I was going okay there, too, and he made five birdies in a row. I had my chances to tie him on a couple of those holes, but then missed a 10-footer.
You know, you've just got to keep believing. I practice hard. Like I said, I know what I'm doing is right, so I just have to find a way to get out there, shoot a few good scores in competition, and I'll be fine.

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