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March 17, 2009

Yu Darvish


Q. In the early part, it appears you just couldn't get used to the mound.
YU DARVISH: But I think that from the very beginning, I was throwing good pitches, all the way up to five.

Q. But after the second, the pitching was good.
YU DARVISH: From the beginning, the pitching was good.

Q. In this baseball stadium, it appears like everywhere, there were more Korean supporters in here. When you were pitching how did you feel about that?
YU DARVISH: I also thought the Japanese supporters did their share. This baseball stadium is a very nice stadium, and also the mound, and I felt fortunate about that.

Q. Tonight Japan lost. From tomorrow on there may be no more pitching from you.
YU DARVISH: The only thing left is to cheer for Japan, and so tomorrow I will root for Japan and will be waiting for my next pitching turn.

Q. If there should be a chance for you to pitch, that could be L.A. How would you pitch there?
YU DARVISH: No, no, we first have to be focused about tomorrow's game, and then I will think about the rest after tomorrow.

Q. Early on, it appeared you were throwing straight (indiscernible).
YU DARVISH: Under those circumstances, it is difficult to throw a breaking ball and such. So as a result, I am more focused to throw the fast ball. It is always decided based on the situation.

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