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March 17, 2009

Tatsunori Hara


THE MODERATOR: Representing Team Japan, we have team manager Tatsunori Hara.
Manager Hara, please share your view of the game.
TATSUNORI HARA: Well, first, the three runs in, that was heavy. Darvish, his condition was good, but the starting off beginning, he just lost. And then that was the reason why it didn't go well, and that inning, first inning, that was the only one that -- I want to say something. The first of three runs in, that was a big thing. And also the defense, it just didn't link up to producing the score that resulted as such, what happened tonight.

Q. The two plays by Iwamura in the three-run first inning, particularly the second one. It looked like he had an easy out at first base rather than forcing the runner at second.
TATSUNORI HARA: Well, let me say that was -- the out count was wanted. Darvish pitching and he wasn't stable, and second, I think the choice I would say it's good, the out is something he wanted.

Q. The pitcher, and then another pitcher, Chang Yong Lim, and in Japan, when they have the fight, what was the reason? Your strategy, game plan was wrong? And also, in the eighth inning, Pitcher Iwata, and I saw that you did not change him. The bases were loaded, why didn't you? I have a question about that.
TATSUNORI HARA: Well, both pitchers ultimately just didn't work out. And then here, I don't want to talk about, you know, what we should have done and so forth. That doesn't help.
So the team ourselves, we will have to have a serious meeting, and we will have another chance to play. And other than that, I am not thinking anything. And then to face off a Korean team. And the important thing is tomorrow's game, we must win. And then what we did wrong and so forth, I don't want to talk about it here right now.
About tomorrow, we just have to do our best to win. Regarding Iwata, so far it has been working out fine. And then I change pitcher, but he just could not do his own pitching, I suppose, not tonight. But in the -- but he was pitching on behalf of Japan. He had weight on his shoulder, and maybe it was having too much, but I think that was a good experience for him that will get him to grow.

Q. We know that Team Japan has great power over Cuba. Can you tell us about that.
TATSUNORI HARA: Well, baseball is difficult. It's just one little thing makes either win or lose. This time when we fight against Korea, it was a cold, mercy game, and Japan end up winning. And this is, of course, against Cuba, and the first round we played and Japan was able to win against Cuba. However, the baseball is something -- even if we say -- let's say there is a difference between the -- but Japan and Cuba, I think we are -- sometimes even a powerful team ends up losing. And in that sense, baseball is fun. And also at the same time, baseball is a serious sport in that sense.

Q. Sir, when the Korean team was in here, a couple of the managers and players suggested that you were perhaps a more talented team than the Korean team, but there was something the Koreans had, whether that be the way they worked together or their "spirit." Do you agree with that, that your team has more talent, yet somehow Korea has played particularly well against you?
TATSUNORI HARA: Well, if you want to say that, that's fine, but as far as we were concerned, the spirit, we are in one, and we unite together. That's the extent I can say about us.

Q. Second round, Ichiro hit a little slow. What do you think about that as far as the manager is concerned regarding Ichiro not hitting too well?
TATSUNORI HARA: Well, it hasn't been like Ichiro, like something maybe missing. But tomorrow from the first pitching, I am hoping Ichiro will do the batting as he should be doing. That's my hope.
THE MODERATOR: Tanaka, Jojhima was ejected today by umpire. This is a very important game, and that has taken place. And you, Mr. Hara, as coach, what do you think about that, the fact that he was ejected?
TATSUNORI HARA: Well, he knows and he regret, and then in turn he caused some trouble. And also to the umpire. He did something regrettable. And he himself -- there was no malicious intent or anything like that, but ultimately, it turned out that way. And it caused some trouble, and after the game was over, he came to me, and right away, and I, as a manager, told umpire, I was very sorry about that. And I did say that to him.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Mr. Hara.

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