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March 16, 2009

Daniela Hantuchova


D. HANTUCHOVA/P. Cetkovska
7-5, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Is this run right now, is this starting to seem kind of familiar, like in 2002 and two years ago?
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: It always feels familiar whenever I come here, but definitely I find I'm fighting the same way and really enjoying my time here on the court once again.
Yeah, again, a good feeling.

Q. It seems like that's kind of your formula the two times you've won here. First round maybe not playing your best but you find a way to get through, and then your tennis gets better and better. Is that what this feels like, as well?
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: Yeah, definitely. I remember in 2007, the first- and second-round match for me, first round, was very, very tough. I was playing horrible, when I think about it now.
But the main thing was trying to stay positive, and that's what made the difference. Because I always said the conditions here to play are very difficult. The balls are playing quite a lot. It's dry, very hot. It's never easy to play here.
That's why I'm even more proud that I was able to win this tournament.

Q. Tonight seemed kind of tough. You couldn't really shake her. She kept hanging in there.
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: Yeah, I mean, she's been having a really good tournament. I was expecting a tough match. I was proud the way I was fighting in the important points. I guess at the end I was just a little bit more brave.

Q. Obviously you have a quick turnaround before your next match against Bammer. Can you talk about what you will try to get ready for the match today?
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: To get out of here as soon as possible, I mean from the site. Try to get a massage and a good night's sleep and eat a lot, and tomorrow take it easy in the practice so I have enough energy for the match.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about your history against Bammer. I know you're 2-1.
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: She's a tough player. She really fights hard and never gives up. I think she also likes to play here. I think she made semifinals here. It's going to be for sure a tough match.
I never really like to play left-handed players. There aren't that many on the tour. It's tough to read their serve.
Again, I'm just going to try to play my game and be aggressive, and we'll see.

Q. This is my last question. Have you ever lost in the stadium? I know some of the years when you were out of the tournament you were on the outside courts.
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: Well, last year I lost. Last year, and also -- yeah, there are not too many matches I lost there, so I always have a great feeling when I step on that court. I feel like it's a very, very special place for me.

Q. Did you change your coach? Angel Jimenez is not here?
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: I stop with Angel a long time ago, five months. Something like that.

Q. Why did you change your coach?
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: Well, I just felt like I needed some new input, you know, new eyes to see my game, and it's been working pretty well.

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