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March 17, 2009

Davey Johnson


Q. Braun in terms of tonight?
DAVEY JOHNSON: He's not going to be allowed to swing the bat at all today. He mentioned it to me yesterday and the day before that he felt like he'd be able to play. But we're holding him out, and hopefully he'll be okay through the weekend. Today and tomorrow he's not available. Maybe I'm giving too much information to the opposition.

Q. Why is there all that secrecy in the pitching on some of the international teams?
DAVEY JOHNSON: You know, I don't know. I remember managing in the Netherlands for the Dutch, and the Cubans had two pitchers pitching down there, and I still didn't know who was pitching, one right-hander, one left-hander. But I guess they like to hold off on decisions until the last minute.
You know, I learned very quick internationally that they kind of hold things very close to the vest, whereas here in the United States we're used to knowing who's going to pitch a week ahead of time. So it's just a little different.

Q. (Inaudible).
DAVEY JOHNSON: You're asking me to give all my secrets. He's on a pitch count, and it does not reach 85, so what that number is, I'm not telling. But ideally hopefully he can get in four.

Q. You had said that the nature of Sunday's loss wasn't all that significant to you, but can it be any sort of motivation tonight, or is that not necessary?
DAVEY JOHNSON: This is the only game that really matters between us and Puerto Rico. You want to get to the dance. It doesn't matter. There's going to be four great teams out there. It doesn't matter who you open up against. This is the big game.

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