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March 16, 2009

Ed Rapuano


THE MODERATOR: Umpire crew chief Ed Rapuano. Anybody for questions?

Q. Can you just take us through the process of how you came to change the call on the triple/home run?
ED RAPUANO: We discussed it on the field. The four umpires got together with the interpreter, and I asked each of the umpires what they saw. The second base umpire saw the ball hit the wall and come back to the field of play; first base umpire saw it go over the wall and come back; the third base umpire saw it go over the wall and come back. I saw it go on the wall and come back. I couldn't tell.
I asked the first base umpire if he was 110 percent sure if it was a home run. He said no. I asked the third base umpire if he was 110 percent sure. He said absolutely.
From that point on, I decided to look at the replay just to be that 110 percent sure.

Q. Is that area a specific umpire's first call? Is it the second base umpire or just everybody?
ED RAPUANO: Well, I went to the second base umpire first because it was his call. It doesn't matter who I talk to first, as long as we're all on the same page, or if one umpire is 110 percent sure and there's no doubt in his mind, and he had a very good angle on it to make a call.

Q. For clarity, the replay was viewed here in the stadium or once you guys went in and reviewed it?
ED RAPUANO: The replay was not reviewed. They couldn't get me the replay in the locker room on the replay board.

Q. Just so I'm clear, so you actually did not reverse it based on what you saw on television?
ED RAPUANO: That's correct.

Q. You did it based on the consensus of the guys on the field?
ED RAPUANO: The third base umpire was absolutely positive the ball went over the wall. He had a great angle on it. The other three umpires did not. That's what I based the home run on. The way it came off the wall and back onto the field was another reason why I changed it.

Q. And what was the problem with the TV replay? The monitor was not working?
ED RAPUANO: The monitor was working. We couldn't get the feed from New York.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much, Ed.

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