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March 16, 2009

Ichiro Suzuki


ICHIRO SUZUKI: These are short games, and every other game you have to (inaudible). So this is a difficult game. There is a destiny. It's like a girl you said goodbye to, and then you bump into the same girl again on the street so many times, because there's a destiny to meet again. Maybe better, might as well get married if we are going to meet this frequently.

Q. At the last games at the Tokyodome against Korea, from your view, Ichiro's view, what is your take? What do you think about Team Korea?
ICHIRO SUZUKI: Are you asking me about baseball itself?
Their baseball games seem to be closer to American games, and they have big bodies. And they play closer to American style baseball than Japanese baseball.

Q. Watching yesterday's game, Ichiro, you mentioned they are closer to American games. And then the number of home runs that the Korean team produced, would this be something you may not be too pleased about, and it's been recognized the Korean teams as such?
ICHIRO SUZUKI: I did say on behalf of Asian region, "must win," that I said.

Q. Facing off with Korea, the last time was in Japan. And how is the changing of location and facing Korea here in Petco Park --
ICHIRO SUZUKI: This is Petco Park, I want to bring Ikkyu here, and his support group. Let's not say Petco, say San Diego for the Japanese. Petco they will not know. I'm not being silly. I'm half serious.

Q. Regarding Team Korea, good impressions versus not so good impressions?
ICHIRO SUZUKI: You are asking me positive image versus not so positive image regarding Korea. I am not so privy to say, not to you guys anyway -- I am not so privy to say anything about that, please, not to you guys anyway.

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