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March 16, 2009

Tatsunori Hara


THE MODERATOR: Good morning everyone, welcome to San Diego's Petco Park and the World Baseball Classic. We have Team Japan's manager, Tatsunori Hara here.

Q. This is the third time playing between Korea and Japan. How do you prepare for the game with Korea tomorrow? Could you indicate a strong point, a weak point of the Korean team, please?
TATSUNORI HARA: Well, in the Tokyo round, first we fought against Korea. And then I've been checking on the rules, and the number of times, I just have a feeling we will have to fight against Korea. And then just -- this is the third time, and we have to be prepared well for tomorrow.
As far as Japan is concerned, in terms of a game plan or strategy, of course, we do have something for us, Team Japan. But I do not want to criticize or talk about or evaluate the Korean team. On behalf of Asian territories, Korea and Japan both strong teams, and we will do our best to face off Korea.

Q. Yu Darvish, what do you expect from him tomorrow night?
TATSUNORI HARA: Well, tomorrow, I have not announced that as of yet. His condition appeared to be well. And I was watching his warming up, and then he's doing well. And if Matsuzaka, Dice-K, the pitcher, represent Japan in the major league, then I can say Darvish represent Japan baseball, also. That's the extent I want to tell you about Darvish.

Q. Yesterday, Korean manager, after the game was over, he said Japan is a strongest in the world team. What do you think about what he said about Japan?
TATSUNORI HARA: The Korean team, Team Korea, and Manager Kim is more experienced than me in terms of baseball, and not only baseball, but in every aspect that he is a great manager. There is no question about that. The manager said something so nice about Team Japan, that's very nice of him to say that.
But I do not know how we will play. I can only tell you we have to do our best. There is no question about that.

Q. Who is the most impressive player among Korean, whom do you think is the best player, and why? Could you answer that question?
TATSUNORI HARA: Of course Team Korea, batters and pitchers, a number of them are excellent. But I refrain from mentioning their individual names here.

Q. Samurai Japan, when you learned you have to be the manager, you said you were the type you don't feel pressure, so there is no pressure. That's what you said. But Tokyo round, when you lost against the Koreans, and up until yesterday, you know, Japan had to fight against a strong team up until yesterday. So what about the pressure, it's gone or you still feeling the pressure or what?
TATSUNORI HARA: I said -- I think there was a misunderstanding on your part when I said that there is no pressure on my part. At first, I know in the world of sports the pressure is a given. Therefore, and then nicely, the tense can stop, and our strength is doubled the third time.
So that is about the sports, and the end of pressure. And if you feel too much pressure, you couldn't play it out. But I suppose it could happen. But to me, sports is something that they are nicely tensed up, and I think it is a given.
I think this is what I meant when I said I was not much pressure, but I meant that. So please don't misunderstand.
So even if it is a big play or not, my psychological stance is there is not much difference. That's what I wanted to tell you.

Q. In the Tokyodome against Korea, and at Petco Park against Korea, will you be playing different baseball, different game plan? What do you say about that?
TATSUNORI HARA: Well, I think it will change slightly. The game plan will have to change slightly. I think it will be slightly different in terms of game plan. The biggest difference would be the ground.
Tokyodome is smaller dome and it's easier to hit the home run, whereas Petco Park is big and bowled, itself is a difficult one to make a home run. So in terms of that, something has to be different. This is what I was thinking.

Q. There was not only the game plan, but also there was a spiritual standing between Korea and Japan. What do you think about that, between Korea and Japan game?
TATSUNORI HARA: Well, I think we are very similar, our teams, Korea versus Japan, Japan versus Korea. Of course, the power is something very close. And baseball itself, how we think about baseball, I think this is also somewhat close.
Of course, we are rivals. There is no question about that.

Q. Tomorrow, Samurai Japan, I think if you can play at that, that would be the best. What would be the key to the success tomorrow's Samurai Japan's game?
TATSUNORI HARA: Well, first of all, most important point would be we have to score early stage. I think that would be the key to the success. We need to score, have runs in the early stage.
I think that is how I am going to go about it tomorrow, with the face-off with Korea.

Q. Mr. Hara, Yankees/Red Sox are the preeminent rivals over here. Do you consider Korea and Japan to be the world's greatest baseball rivalry?
TATSUNORI HARA: Well, within Asia, Asian baseball, yes, within that realm, Korea and Japan would be the biggest rival teams. But, of course, in terms of baseball, team Korea, baseball started in America, and then we are trying to catch up with American baseball. And we are trying to surpass American baseball. That would be the biggest goal. This is what I think about my own baseball games, to catch up with America and go beyond.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much.

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