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March 15, 2009

Jorge Vazquez


(Transcribed from Audio Taped Translation.)
Q. The second round of the world classic begins. How do you feel?
JORGE VAZQUEZ: Very motivated and committed to carry this through.

Q. You batted very well in the first round, but we know that Korea's pitching, many Mexicans found it difficult during the last World Classic. What do you think?
JORGE VAZQUEZ: In this type of event, there is no small rival. All of the competition is serious. We are going to try to see this through and act according to the pitching.

Q. Any special adjustments to Korea's pitching?
JORGE VAZQUEZ: The game will tell us what sort of adjustment to make the first inning. The first innings are key to adjusting, and throughout the game we'll try to see this through.

Q. You played at home in Mexico, and here in San Diego even if there will be many people from Korea, it's likely that that will be more Mexicans.
JORGE VAZQUEZ: Of course, I think we will have lots of support here, and I hope to continue to have it throughout the Classic.

Q. The style of baseball played at this park will obviously change. Do you think it is more to the advantage of Asian baseball, an advantage to Japan and Korea playing in a park of this size?
JORGE VAZQUEZ: Well, look, the Del Sol Forum is in Mexico, and I don't think that's how we Mexicans play.
There are many Mexicans who play here and in the major leagues, and this park it for the best team.

Q. Among the rivals you face in this pool, who do you consider to be the most difficult?
JORGE VAZQUEZ: They're all difficult. Japan, Cuba, Korea and ourselves. It's a very competitive group, and we will put out a great show.

Q. A lot was said about Mexican-Americans and this team, that there would be some differences, but apparently there is harmony.
JORGE VAZQUEZ: Yes, of course, great harmony, ever since this all started, and this has helped us get here.

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