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March 15, 2009

Jim Furyk


Q. Did something click on the back nine?
JIM FURYK: I really felt like I played just as good on the front nine. I just didn't convert the putts. I didn't get them to go in.
I hit a lot of really good putts, on I think back, 2,5,8 and 9, I hit four putts that I swore were going in the hole and they did not, and I still can't figure out how a couple of them didn't.
I made a mistake at 4, hit a poor shot and it bounced in the water and made double-bogey. I feel like I got nothing out of the front nine. I played well and scored poorly.
The back nine was the other way around. I made some mistakes and hit some bad shots and always tended to find a way to get the ball up-and-down or hold a bunker shot. I scored well on the back nine, and hit some really good shots. You see some putts go in, you get some momentum, and really, front nine was frustrating and couldn't get it going. The back nine was the dead-opposite, felt like I couldn't miss it. Was a lot of fun.

Q. 18, you labored over it --
JIM FURYK: I had a spot I picked out that when I was reading it behind the ball, it was real shiny and stuck out perfect, and when I got over the ball, because of the sun, it would just disappear. I thought if I just missed it to the right, I could knock the putt in.
So I wanted to make sure I had it lined up perfectly. I think I hit a pretty good putt. It was a double-breaker and I think it went a little bit more right early on than I expected. It just got out there too far and couldn't come back in.

Q. You went over to the fringe and started practicing your putting stroke --
JIM FURYK: I always do that. I always do that. It's just the way I -- it's kind of the way I think about things. I go over and think about what I did on the putt and what I could have done better, and it's a habit that I have. Kind of like a way of erasing something I didn't want to happen and put something positive in my mind.

Q. Thinking back to 2000, at any point today did you think it might happen?
JIM FURYK: It was a little different there because I was in second place and I was really the only one chasing at the time.
Here, those two are playing their own event really for the weekend. I was really far behind. Really my goal on the back nine was just to shoot -- I kind of did the same thing yesterday. I had a frustrating front where I didn't get off to a good start and shot 3-under on the back.
Today, same thing. I just wanted to get some momentum. I wanted to birdie 10 and 12, because I knew they were reachable par 5s and get something going and see what could happen. Started entering my mind when I got to 15, if I could birdie two of the last three, birdie some holes coming in, I could put some heat on these guys. I gave it a good run and I definitely don't regret anything on the back.

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